Travis and Monica


We are Travis and Monica. We live in a small community in Oregon with Travis’ youngest son Bret and our three dogs, Hoss, Fronch and Rags.

We met four years ago at a country music concert and quickly fell for each other’s drive and ambition for life. We are soul mates and best friends with many similar interests like outdoor adventures including fishing, camping and lots of college football. We are committed to a happy and loving marriage.

Travis was raised in the small town we still call home and came into our relationship with two amazing boys Jay and Bret. Travis works extremely hard to support his family as a millwright. He is what Monica calls a “jack of all trades.” If it’s broke call Travis. Monica quickly embraced the role of mom and has supported them in all of their adventures. Travis enjoys fishing and coaching youth football and is the comedian of the family. There isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t making us laugh. Travis has coached both of his boys and has been involved in our high school football program for many years. He has enjoyed watching the boys he has coached grow into outstanding players and young men. Jay, Travis’ oldest son, is out in the real world adulting and making us all very proud. Bret the youngest, is growing into an extraordinary young man with many dreams and aspirations. We can’t wait to watch Jay and Bret bond with their new baby brother or sister; they will be the best big brothers.

Monica grew up in a small community not far from where we call home now. She has been blessed with a large family with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Monica has worked as a licensed practical nurse now for many years taking care of our communities’ older population. She is a natural caregiver and thrives on taking care of everybody. Monica has taken on the role of mom like a rock star, and her boys mean everything to her. She also has three nephews that she spoils unconditionally. Her oldest nephew Logan came into their family when his mother was struggling with addiction. As Monica and her family navigated through that journey, they strove for Logan to continue to have quality time with his mom. When Monica isn’t spoiling her boys, you will find her tackling a craft project like string art, sign making or repurposing furniture.

Since we met our dream has always been to grow our family. We have a lot of love and experience to share. We hope to instill our shared values, like hard work, open-mindedness, and family first approach. We believe in trusting your gut, being kind, getting your hands dirty and being adventurous. We strongly value honesty and integrity, and we want our child to have unique opportunities through travel, community engagement, and school activities to help create their path in life. Our children will always feel supported and encouraged to seek their happiness and will hear I love you daily.

We would like to take this time to thank you for reading our letter and getting to know our family. We hope for the opportunity to get to know you also and be a part of your journey.

Travis & Monica

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