Tim and Dustin


Hello, we are Tim and Dustin,

When people say opposites attract, they could be describing us. Although we grew up on opposite sides of the country, have had very different life experiences, and have two distinct ways of thinking, that has helped us work through challenges and achieve successes. Dustin is intuitive and thoughtful, good with words, and has a vision for realizing future goals. Tim is analytical and objective, detail-oriented, and can find solutions to any difficult problem. Even though it sounds cheesy, we really are stronger together.

On a cold New York December day in 2010, we met for coffee, and knew instantly that we loved coffee! We also had a lot in common and quickly developed a connection as we talked about our love of travel and hockey. In 2016, we married on the beach in Maui. We currently live in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance of great schools, a playground, a swimming pool and lots of families with kids that enjoy playing outdoors. We love taking our border collie Colby for lots of walks around the lake just behind our house.

Dustin grew up in California and Oregon. After high school, he joined the Navy which allowed him to live in different parts of the country and travel to different parts of the world. Dustin now works as a federal auditor focusing on veteran’s healthcare. Helping veterans is how he continues to serve after leaving the military. Tim was born and raised in New York State, and lived there for most of his life. He is an only-child with a small, very close-knit family. Tim works in IT Security and he has always been good with computers. Tim also served as a volunteer firefighter for 11 years, following in the footsteps of his fire-chief father. His entire family is committed to community service. His parents instilled in him that it is important to provide for the community, because someday if needed, that community will be there for you.

Together, we like to spend some time in the fall and winters watching hockey. We even have a plan to eventually visit every NHL arena, although it will take quite a few years. We both enjoy traveling and feel like the trip is just as fun as the destination. We enjoy spending time together. One thing we have is a D.C. bucket list as we like to discover new things. It’s important that every few weeks we explore a new monument, museum, market, or neighborhood because we always try to make the most of life.

We are constantly seeking the balance that seems to make everything flow. Tim will be meticulously painting a model airplane as Dustin runs around the lake with Colby. With a kid in the house, things will certainly be different, but the same level of love and stability will still be here. There are tons of dad jokes, laughing, and smiles in our house.

Sometimes, we do not always end up with the lives we planned. As we began our journey together, we did not really know what to expect. Along the way, we have added more friends and extended family. We are so excited to share our lives and the love we have. We are also very excited to be able to grow our family by welcoming our child’s birthparents into our lives. We chose open adoption because we want our child to know their birth family and have the best of both worlds. Even if we lived across the country, we love traveling and would happily do so for visits.

Thank you for getting to know a little about us.

Dustin & Tim

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