Tim and Brittni


Hello – we are Tim and Brittni!

We are excited to start this next journey in our lives to become parents and expand our family through open adoption. It was clear that open adoption is right choice for us because it aligns with our values. It empowers the birth parents and respects each person’s unique role in the child’s life.

We met 9 years ago in college at Central Washington University, both graduating with a degree in IT & Business Administration and married in April of 2016. We were good friends in college and had the majority of our courses together before we began dating a year after graduation. Being best friends is the foundation of our relationship and we truly enjoy being in each other’s company.

We are a positive, happy couple who look to see the best in people. Brittni loves how Tim will start a conversation with anybody, especially if it has to do with Husky football! He is the friendliest, goofiest, most authentic person Brittni knows. Tim admires how Brittni respects and cares about all living things. She donates her time to causes such as an animal sanctuary where she can be found helping on the farm or getting in some much-needed playtime with the pigs! Both of us have a strong desire to contribute positivity and gratitude back into the world. We are passionate about the planet which we demonstrate through our waste-conscious and plant-based lifestyle. While we eat delicious meals made from plants, we don’t expect everyone else to!

We purchased our first house in Bellevue, WA two years ago and are enjoying the DIY projects and making it our home with our two cats, Sheldon and Amy. We like spending time at home catching up on our favorite shows, watching documentaries, hosting dinners, or just spending time together. Our neighborhood is diverse, safe, and will be a wonderful place to raise our child. It has many local parks and walking/biking paths easily accessible from our house. Both of us work in software, Brittni as an analyst and Tim as a director of customer experience, and each enjoy our short commutes. While we are career driven, we also value work life balance and appreciate working for companies that support that.

We have an amazing support system including our families and friends. We both come from strong families and enjoy spending time together whether it be at a Mariners baseball game, brewery hopping, Husky football games, traveling, family dinners and game nights, camping, outdoor movie nights, or annual family vacations. We are looking forward to creating new family memories with our child and their birth family doing activities we all enjoy. We are committed to providing a loving, stable, and fun home for our child to grow into a kind and joyful person who pursues things that make him/her happy.

We wish you the best,
Tim & Brittni

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