Tiffany & Julian


Hello! We’re Tiffany and Julian!
We met at work and were friends for a year before we went on our first date, which was actually to see the movie Date Night. From that date night on we’ve been together! About 4 years into our love story we eloped and celebrated in Italy, which included a cooking class by candlelight (because the power went out!).

Julian is an intelligent, inquisitive, and hard-working person. When presented with a problem he will always try to find a way to solve or work around it. He is funny and has a great deep, belly laugh.

Tiffany is a very compassionate, empathetic, and encouraging person. She is always willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. She’s caring and has everyone’s best interest at heart. She is driven and determined to make the world a better place, one good deed at a time.

We live in Massachusetts and while Tiffany has always lived in the state Julian found his way there through work. We continue to make this area our home because it’s close to family and each season offers something unique for us to enjoy.

We are both software engineers and it’s funny because outside of work we don’t feel particularly tech savvy. Our recreational time revolves around food, time outside, and time with loved ones. Food plays a big part in our adventures whether that’s at home in our kitchen or when we are traveling. We enjoy experimenting and trying out new recipes – though Tiffany enjoys baking more while Julian enjoys cooking more. We look forward to including a child in our kitchen adventures and enjoying that time as a family.

We mix our love of food with visiting new places as often as we can. We feel there’s so much to see and experience in the world. Even if we stay close to home there are lots of parks and beaches nearby. Both together and solo we like to hike or go for walks – it allows us time to connect to ourselves or each other, get fresh air, and appreciate the world we live in. One thing that ties all of our interests and hobbies together is that they’re often about learning and being aware of the world we live in. That’s why we like to try new things and see new places. We are excited to explore the world both near and far with our child one day.

Both of us have always wanted to be parents because we want the privilege of helping a child learn who they are and figure out their path in life. We want to share our love and guidance so a child can feel secure and confident to explore their identity. Adoption has always been in our hearts but we also wanted to add to our family biologically. It became clear to us after several years of infertility that adoption was meant to be our journey to becoming parents. Open adoption, in particular, called to us because of its inclusiveness, the way it respects all members of the adoption constellation, and that it means that a child will have people from all aspects of their life to celebrate their (hi)story.

We realize that a part of nurturing the open adoption relationship is contact, communication, and visits. Our love for travel and exploration means we would look forward to traveling and making in person visits happen even though we may not be located close geographically.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter!

Tiffany and Julian

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