Theresa and Tate


Hi, we are Theresa, Tate, and our son Bryan. Thanks for taking a minute to read about us.

We are a multiracial family living in South Seattle, Washington. Our home has a sweet-tart red plum tree, and our little apple tree is thriving. We have three parks within a short walking distance, and the rest of Seattle within easy reach thanks to nearby buses and light rail station. This location works perfectly for our family consisting of a university professional, a high school student, and retired teacher.

Theresa: I grew up in Louisiana and moved to Seattle 14 years ago. I am caring, dependable, detail-oriented, quick to laugh, logical, and I love researching questions. Yes, it comes in handy for my work in compliance, but it is also handy when researching the perfect pie crust recipe. I enjoy cooking, and value honesty and integrity. I tend to show love more by actions and am readily willing to show love through words. When not baking, reading books, or taking a cycling class, meditation centers and grounds me- with a full well, I can then serve others.

Tate: I was teaching middle school and high school when I was offered a retirement package from the Veterans Administration. I retired and began living the dream of being a stay at home dad and a househusband! I am the only vegetarian in our home. I eat enough ice cream to support both Ben and Jerry! When I’m not doing something to take care of my family or my home, I like to read or exercise. I love making other people happy.

Bryan: Bryan was eight months old when he first met Tate. After Tate and Bryan’s mom divorced, Bryan came to spend the night at Tate’s. That night quickly turned permanent. To simplify life, an adoption was necessary. Theresa and Tate baked lemon meringue pies to sell to help pay for the adoption. Bryan decorated the pie boxes with Angry Bird pictures. B is now an honor roll student with eyes on the University of Washington (mostly so he can live at home while going to school!). We live only minutes apart from B’s mom, so that makes it easier to have family get-togethers.

We enjoy each other. We have fun together. We complement each other- while Theresa is analytical, Tate is creative and resourceful. Yet, we often end up at the same conclusion. We want to grow our family and share our joy and love with a child and their birth family. Bryan looks forward to having a sibling to bond with, and someone to share his fishing prowess with. We look forward to an enriching relationship with our child’s birth family that includes regular visits- whether sharing a meal or watching a football game together- and supporting our child’s interests.

Thank you so very much for taking a moment to get to know us. We wish you peace, wellness, and contentment wherever your journey leads next.

Kind regards,
Theresa and Tate

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