Susan and Gavin


Hi, we are Susan and Gavin (and our pup Duck) and we appreciate the opportunity to connect with you.

We are outdoor enthusiasts living in beautiful central Oregon. We met in 2015 in California and connected over our love of nature and the desire to collect experiences and memories more than things. We both love to exercise as a means to stay healthy and a way to challenge ourselves. We choose adventures that let us see spectacular natural wonders and are proud of the time, effort and physical training we’ve put in that enable us to get there. Together we have climbed mountains, sailed oceans, and discovered natural hot springs and we look forward to more adventures together with our growing family.

Susan is very social; when she sees a beautiful sunset or has a great day paddling the river she wishes to share those positive experiences with her friends. She is from rural Maryland but the west coast has been her home for many years. Susan is very close with her family and is an eager tour guide when they come to visit. Susan is a fitness, yoga and rock climbing instructor for adults and youth and she finds daily meditation to be an amazing tool for focus and clarity.

Gavin is from California and most of his family lives there. He grew up in the country with lots of animals and has loved fostering kittens through the Humane Society. Gavin is more introverted and he can spend hours reading and studying foreign languages (he is fluent in Italian). He works from home as a software engineer and most days can find time to explore his hobbies amidst the workday.

We make a great team because we have really open communication. When we work through a challenge we may have different strategies coming at it but we always have that teamwork mentality. We are very kind and loving with each other and strive to always bring out the best in one another.

We have a wonderful community of friends and family which we truly value. We regularly get together with many of our neighborhood families for dog walks, potlucks and game nights. Last year we decided that we are ready to be parents. We have since made space, both in terms of time, energy and actual space (buying a house with a yard) for children in our lives. We think our town, lifestyle, and community will be the perfect place for a child to grow and flourish.

We chose Open Adoption & Family Services as an agency because we feel they are genuinely trying to help birth and adoptive parents make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Though we know circumstances will vary our ideal situation would be to raise a baby who’s birth parents wish to be involved. We see a tremendous benefit to having children know their full life story, including all their family members and history. We try to always find connections and common ground with people in our lives and we will uphold that value as our adoption journey unfolds.

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