Sunny and Tony


Hello! We are Sunny, Tony and David, an adventurous and loving family of three living in Seattle, hoping that a fourth will join us!

We met in a rock climbing gym in Phoenix: Sunny was climbing upside down while Tony talked with friends on the ground below, making weekend plans. Sunny yelled down that she wanted to climb too. Fast forward 18 months and we eloped on a climbing trip to the Sierra Nevada, celebrating later with friends and family in Sedona, Arizona. We have been happily married since. Our son David was born five years ago and introduced us to a whole new kind of joy. We feel fortunate to have David in our lives, as he has been a shining light on our parenting journey. When we see David’s enthusiastic and caring “older brother” interaction with younger neighbors, our hearts swell with hope for welcoming another child to our family.

Sunny is an adventurous soul living her daily life as a community college teacher. She was born in Pennsylvania, learned to ski in 2nd grade, ran cross country, and has musical talent, playing piano, guitar, and saxophone in marching, concert, and jazz band. After two years at West Point Military Academy, Sunny finished a Biology degree at Penn State and moved to Washington for her PhD in Oceanography. In Washington she found her true passion: adventuring in the Cascade mountains. Whether hiking or biking, rock or ice climbing, or traveling over glaciers, her spirit soars in this magical place because it helps clear her mind – everyday life, with its tangle of worries, responsibilities, and clutter, drops away and she is left with only the wind through the trees, the rushing river in the background, and the feeling of lightness and freedom. She is excited to share this passion with David and a second child. Tony likes to say that Sunny’s resilience is inspiring, both in the mountains and daily as a scientist, educator and amazing mother.

Tony is an outdoor fanatic with an engineer’s mind. Being outdoors is rejuvenating and reminds him of his youth – he was born in Maine and spent his summers outdoors at a family cabin learning to swim in freshwater lakes. When not at the cabin, he helped his parents manage a large garden and played baseball until his arm hurt. In school, he loved math and science competitions and recently became a high school math teacher. Tony graduated from Penn State with a degree in Civil Engineering and a passion for college sporting events. His first engineering consulting job led him to Phoenix, where he spent his free time hiking, camping, adventure running, and mountain biking, waiting to finally meet Sunny and move to the Pacific Northwest. The way Sunny tells it, Tony loves hugs, “dad jokes,” organization and cookies.

Adventuring outdoors is a big part of our life: family camping, hiking, and low-key climbing and snow adventures. David is the life of the party and loves the outdoors, the climbing gym, and even learned to downhill ski this year! We love supporting his passions too: chasing garbage trucks, learning about lawn mowers, and being a foreman for Tony’s home improvement projects. David is curious and kind, a snuggler and a trickster. Sunny and Tony are both educators, allowing for lots of family time during school holidays and summers. When not outdoors, we are home with our 19-year-old cat (!) gardening, cooking, and reading (mostly children’s books, these days!) or in our neighborhood at local parks and coffee shops, enjoying hot drinks on cold rainy days. We value an active and healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

This is only a peek into our world, but know that being parents has brought us immense joy. Our arms and home are ready to embrace another child and we look forward to including our child’s birth family in annual traditions and other family activities. The love in our hearts can only grow along with our family!

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