Stephen and Chrissy


Hi there, we’re Stephen and Chrissy, and we live in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us. We’re excited to be parents and hope this letter gives you a sense of who we are.

We met in Atlanta 11 years ago while working at the same advertising agency and have been building our life together ever since. Stephen brings creativity, passion, and energy to the relationship, while Chrissy brings enthusiasm, structure, and an innate kindness.

We relocated to Portland in 2017 to fulfill a dream of being surrounded by natural beauty and a community of friendly, open-minded people. We recently bought a historic home in a wonderfully diverse and eclectic neighborhood where we already feel very much at home.

We continue to work in advertising, Chrissy as a producer, bringing creative ideas to life through video and photography, and Stephen as a copywriter, always writing a story in one form or another. In our free time together, we love to watch movies (especially horror!), visit friends, go for hikes, garden, or just enjoy being in our new home. By our side is an adorable cat named Zooey, who Chrissy rescued not long before she and Stephen met.

Chrissy enjoys cooking, reading, podcasts, and getting in some form of exercise, be it running, spinning, or yoga to balance it all. She can seem quiet at first, but ultimately would be described as witty, intelligent, and supportive by those she loves.

Stephen’s interests include visual art, woodworking, biking, music, and a long list of other hobbies. Once his curiosity is set on something, it knows no bounds. Stephen makes friends quickly and is always eager to strike up a conversation with a neighbor, new acquaintance, or an old friend.

Although scattered across the country, our extended families are a big part of our lives. We’ve enjoyed watching six nieces and nephews grow, and we look forward to frequent visits and video chats.

We knew we wanted a family early in our marriage. While our enthusiasm hasn’t wavered, the path to get there has changed over the years. We’re excited to realize our dream through open adoption. We feel deeply that understanding your identity and approaching all things with openness and curiosity is the basis for a happy life. We believe we have so much to offer, but also know our lives have so much room to grow.


Stephen & Chrissy

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