Shawn and Meghan



We are Shawn and Meghan. We are so happy you landed on our page. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us.

We are a couple of craftspeople living on our small farm in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington State. Meghan is a professional cheesemaker and a great cook. She is also a patient listener with a silly streak. Shawn is a woodworker and builder who loves problem solving and puzzles. He is kind and thoughtful with a wicked sense of humor. We have a sweet farm dog named Gracie and are raising a growing flock of sheep.

We love the farming lifestyle; caring for animals and working in concert with the seasons. It is a very rich and fulfilling life. Since the first days of our relationship, 13 years ago, we have always wanted to create a family farm with children and animals running around. We are now fortunate to be living out our dream of building a farmstead creamery, where we will make delicious cheeses from the milk from our sheep. When we aren’t busy on the farm, our ties to Seattle allow us to take “city breaks” to soak up theater, restaurants, museums and time with old friends.

Our relationship is rooted in mutual respect, curiosity and learning by doing. We love to travel and explore different cultures, whether on a road trip or through international travel. We also love being in nature, and enjoy hiking and camping trips. We value experiences over material things. Our home is filled with laughter, music, good food and supportive friends. We find love and strength in our family and dear friends who are also part of our family.

Our dreams for our family have evolved as we’ve learned about open adoption. We are so hopeful to welcome a child into our little farm family. We are equally hopeful about creating a meaningful relationship with their birth family. We long to help grow a child whose story is told and celebrated. A confident child who knows and loves them self. An independent child who knows they are loved unconditionally by all who surround them. We believe all these things are possible with mountains of love and support from all of us.

We wish you peace and love on your journey.
Shawn and Meghan

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