Sechin and Katie


Hi, we are Sechin and Katie (and our cat, Ninja). We are a loving, creative, and geeky family. Thank you for reading our letter!

We met at a Halloween party more than 20 years ago, where it was love at first sight. Ever since, we have shared our laughter, imagination, and care for others. We base our relationship on strong communication, and we always know we can rely on each other for encouragement and support. We now feel we are in a good spot in life to share our love, prosperity, and joy with a little one and are excited to grow our family through open adoption.

Katie is a substitute elementary teacher and Sechin is a high school assistant principal. Being educators, we can help a child get the most out of school, while we also recognize that the most important learning almost never comes from books. We believe everyone should follow their own passion.

We love doing arts & crafts and being creative. Katie likes baking and decorating for holidays and Sechin enjoys painting and drawing. We also love snuggling with Ninja while watching movies and shows, with some of our favorites being Star Wars, The Office, and Harry Potter (Hufflepuff Pride and Team Ravenclaw!) We gather with our extended family for everything from holidays to peewee baseball games. We also have a group of very close friends we have known for more than 20 years and we meet up regularly for movies, meals, or Dungeons & Dragons. There is nothing more important to us than sharing the big events in life with those closest to us.

Our cozy house is nestled next to a park and is within walking distance of a great elementary school. We are the first owners of the house and we have lived there for 15 years. One of our favorite things to do is decorate for different holidays, so our house is festive in a different way every month. Our neighborhood is the kind of place where kids play in their front yards or ride their bikes on the pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and neighbors watch out for each other.

We hope to provide a loving, nurturing home where we teach our child to become an independent, caring, and confident individual. We want to foster creativity and curiosity by providing opportunities for them to explore art, music, science, and sports. We also envision having lots of fun together as a family by playing games, visiting comic conventions, and vacationing at Disneyland.

We are seeking an open adoption because we believe that love is infinite and the more people who surround a child with love, the better. Honoring a birth family’s role in our child’s life is critical to us and we look forward to developing new familial bonds and learning from one another. We want to have a relationship that is comfortable for everyone, where we can all stay connected and share our lives, and maybe share a few hobbies as well. Above all, we have a desire to build a strong relationship that is child-centered and beneficial for all.

Katie and Sechin

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