Sean and Kathryn


Hello! We’re Sean & Kathryn. Thanks for taking some time to learn a bit about us.

We met in college in 2004. Right away we connected through long bike rides, cooking group meals for our housemates, and summertime trips to mountain lakes. Over the years we’ve taught ourselves how to design and build a tiny house, started and managed an all-ages DIY music venue, and have consistently grown a lot of fruits and vegetables. In addition to our various interests, we also share some core values. We both value compassion and empathy for fellow humans, animals, and the environment, and we both strive to be genuine and passionate in everything we do. We feel that expanding our family is a great next step in our journey together.

Professionally, we co-own an ecologically-oriented consulting business, and help run a small non-profit organization that we started with a couple of our colleagues in southern Oregon. Depending on the day, we might be out collecting native seeds for local restoration projects, writing grants from home, or providing advice to landowners on establishing pollinator habitat on their properties. We really like working together, and are fortunate to have careers that always present new challenges without being too demanding on our time.

When parenting, we envision endless outdoor adventures and creative learning opportunities. Our home and lifestyle offer stability while still being fun and open-minded. We value education and hard work, but will always allow our child the freedom to become who they want to be. First and foremost, we want to be supportive and present for our child and the rest of our family. Working from home and creating our own schedules gives us the flexibility to spend time with our child and share parenting responsibilities. On days when we need extra support, we have multiple family members around who are very excited to help out.

After several years of consideration, we’ve decided that open adoption is our first choice for building a family. We’ve come to open adoption with a strong desire to become parents while also welcoming the child’s birth family into our lives. We’re looking forward to sharing meals and special occasions with our child’s birth family so we can form fulfilling lifelong relationships.

We can’t wait to take the next step in this journey and get to know our new family members!

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