Greetings! My name is Sarah and this is a small snapshot of my life in words. I hope it shows the love, care, and community that I will offer a child. I understand the decision you are making may be very difficult. I admire you for considering your options so thoughtfully. Thank you so much for taking a moment to get to know me.

My life is full of color and energy and love. I am amazed and delighted by life and I try to approach each day with joy, compassion and curiosity. I’m all about creating more care and kindness in the world: I make unexpected flower and lunch deliveries to friends, I write them sweet notes, and I check in when they’ve had a hard day. My friends say I bring out the best in others, that I’m creative and thoughtful, and that I’m mischievous in the most delightful ways. I work hard for what I believe in and I speak my mind.

My community is incredibly important to me. I am part of a loving, generous, and active network of friends that is multiracial and intergenerational. They come from many religious/spiritual and professional backgrounds. Many have adopted and foster kids in their families. We are a community that protects and supports each other and that works together for social justice: to make schools and neighborhoods safe for everyone, to end money bail and voter suppression, and to build political and economic power for Black and brown people. We work hard to fight injustice…

…and we know how to relax and have enormous fun and joy together. We might see each other at a rally or meeting, and then we’ll get together and just hang out. We watch movies, have dance parties, gather to sing with guitars or a piano, sit on the front porch and tell stories, cook meals for each other, go to concerts, play hide-and-go-seek, and walk dogs. We celebrate birthdays and all kinds of holidays. We support each other in hard moments, too, bringing each other food, watching kids, talking through challenges.

I live in a small town in central North Carolina, in a modest house on a quiet, hilly street in the historic district of town. I hear crickets and frogs at night, but the grocery store and the library are just a few blocks away. When it snows, there’s a steep street at the end of the block where I meet friends and neighbors to go sledding (usually followed by hot chocolate!) When it’s warm, we meet at the playground at the foot of the hill. Dear friends live across the road and around the corner. My house is full of books, art, and games. It’s a quiet sanctuary where I read, cook, and garden, and where groups of friends of all ages, from babies to elders, come over for meals and talks and meetings. I’ve planted flower gardens around the house that always need tending.

I’m over the moon excited to be a mom. I love being totally present, patient and supportive with friends’ kids, kids I foster, and my nephew as they experience the world for the first time. I believe my responsibility is to help the child I adopt discover who they are, what they love most, and how to share that with the world. They will feel tremendous love, gentle guidance and encouragement. They will learn the value of generosity, honesty, tenderness, and courage. They will know they are special and magical.

My friends and community are all in to support me as a parent. My biological family is excited to meet their newest grandchild/cousin/nephew or niece. I’ve done much preparation as a white woman in order to raise any child – whether a white child or a child of color – to be courageous and happy, and to be connected to their cultural heritage and to their birth family. I feel flexible about what agreements we make about communication and contact; being respectful and caring of each other feels most important.

I wish you the very best in your journey, wherever it takes you. With love, Sarah

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