Sarah and Jay


Hi there. We’re Sarah, Jay and Lilli Mae (and Emmy, June and Monte):

We met in 2002 studying architecture and have been inseparable ever since. We met Lilli the day she was born in 2015 and fell in love. Lilli’s adoption is open and we continue to work to develop a strong positive connection with her birth family. We thoroughly enjoy our time spent with Lilli’s extended family which includes several siblings who have also been adopted.

Both of us are Architects. Jay works for a firm in Seattle and works from home once a week. Sarah owns a small practice that specializes in home remodels and works part time. We share a studio space above the garage. When we are working, Lilli hangs out with her “Gramma” (Jay’s mom) or Gaga (Sarah’s mom).
Sarah is creative, organized and loving. She loves to cook and often challenges herself to find new and interesting recipes. Jay is thoughtful, playful and kind. He likes to make things (usually from wood) and loves to be on the water. Lilli is joyful, talkative and gentle. She enjoys singing, art and exploring all of the nooks and crannies of our large forested lot.

Jay knows all the lyrics to every George Strait song, while Sarah prefers depressing indie music. Lilli prefers pop music especially songs that involve clapping. Music of all varieties can be heard in our household and there is usually something playing whenever we are home.

We live in a cozy house on an island close to Seattle which really feels like the best of both worlds: we love being surrounded by nature (even if the peacock calls wake us up at 4am) with the city just a ferry ride away. As a family, we enjoy exploring the island (trips to the beach or park, walks to the neighborhood farm) or just hanging out in the backyard with the dogs. Often, hosting friends or family for dinner is part of the typical (and ideal) weekend schedule.

We hope to raise our children with the kind of stability, encouragement and generosity we both experienced growing up. We believe that an ideal household is one that promotes exploration and curiosity while providing protection and comfort. Our children will be encouraged to seek out their own passions and supported in them. They will be taught to believe that honesty and integrity are really important.

We both grew up with older siblings and are very close to them, so feel strongly that the connection and bond between siblings is a wonderful gift. We would love to welcome another child into our hearts and feel that Lilli will make an amazing big sister. We hope to have open and positive relationships with our children’s birth families so that we can continue to foster our children’s sense of self. We hope to give birthparents confidence in the knowledge that their child will be protected and adored. We look forward to the opportunity to expand our family further through open adoption.

Sarah, Jay and Lilli Mae

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