Sarah & Craig


Hello! We are Sarah and Craig (and our pup, Yumi).

Our story began in 2011 in Amsterdam, where Craig was living at the time and Sarah was visiting one of her sisters who also lived there. Our connection felt special from the beginning and since we started out long-distance, we got really good at talking about everything, even the hard stuff, and discovered many shared values. This, combined with our goofiness and senses of humor, sealed the deal for us. We were thrilled when Craig’s job relocated him to the United States and we tied the knot in Hawaii in 2014 and celebrated with close friends and family who traveled from around the world to be there. After an exciting three years together in Washington, we were presented with a great work opportunity for Craig in the Bay Area. We couldn’t say no to the warm California weather and moved there in the spring of 2018. Although we loved our time in the Pacific Northwest, we are excited and eager to explore California together.

Sarah was the youngest of three girls and her parents emigrated from Korea as young adults. Her parents spoke Korean in the home, some of which came back to Sarah during a recent trip to Korea as she interpreted for Craig the whole time. Sarah grew up and went to college in the Midwest, then made her way out West, where she spent some time in Arizona, Washington, and now California. Craig was the middle child of three boys and grew up and attended university in Australia. He then traveled around Europe for nine months and spent a few years living in Amsterdam before moving to the United States- Washington and California.

Our day-to-day life is relaxed as we try to keep a good balance of work, downtime, and fun activities. After spending almost 20 years as a pharmacist, Sarah is shifting her focus to the field of health maintenance and prevention. She is completing a certificate program in health coaching, something that will be a great fit with her compassionate and helpful nature. Craig does business development for an electronics company and enjoys the dynamic nature of a large enterprise. We live in a beautiful apartment complex with a big park across the street, friendly neighbors, and great restaurants nearby. There are many beaches and state parks only a short drive away and we have enjoyed exploring our new gorgeous surroundings. Along with our dog, Yumi, we like getting outside and staying active whether taking an after-dinner stroll, or going for a run or bike ride. We both have a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures, and we treasure the relationships we have made with friends along the way.

Our journey to become parents has not been easy. After trying to start a family, we learned our chances to get pregnant were slim, and started looking into adoption. Open adoption felt right to us because we believe children should understand and know about all parts of themselves and be connected to their birth families. We are also excited to embrace and welcome our child’s birth parents and extended birth families into our lives, and provide all the love and support we can. Once we become parents, we plan to continue our life adventures and teach and guide our child along the way. We will welcome our child’s birth family to join in with us in whatever ways feel comfortable for them. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us.

With Love,
Craig & Sarah

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