Sam and Maya


Hi there. We’re Sam and Maya and thanks for taking a look at our letter.

We have lived in California for over ten years, building a community, walking the hills, and making a home. We both lived on the East Coast, so never being caught in the snow was appealing, and having a place to put down roots was important. Luckily, our siblings moved to California as well so we have family nearby, and plenty of reasons for grandparent visits.

Maya is creative, disorganized and cares deeply about the people around her. She loves being outdoors but isn’t very sporty so happily compromises by reading in the hammock or hiking until there’s a decent log to sit on. She works as a therapist for a small nonprofit and supervises on the local Crisis support lines and is passionate about patient advocacy. She is known for being ‘informal and gentle’ at work and chatty and relaxed at home. She likes things easily, whether it be people, movies, books, music, classes, or people’s jokes. She’s spent half her adult life as a nanny and has a healthy love of games, mess, stories, songs, smashed crackers, self-designed haircuts and all the things kids come with.

Sam is thoughtful, dependable, and pretends to be more serious than he is. He likes small-peas and high-amusement competition like trivia, bowling, and board games (always an amiable loser). He loves spending time with his two year old niece who has recently discovered that he is an endless source of swing rides. Sam works from home as a freelancing software engineer and volunteers with high schoolers and is excited that his recent shift towards a more flexible work schedule will allow him to be a partial at home Dad.

Together we like to long-distance hike, hang out in museums, walk across cities, and see terrible low budget films. We don’t have the same taste in almost anything and are still regularly amused by this – and don’t let it get in the way of having a good time. Our household is one with lots of friends over, half finished projects on the shelves, and cooking competitions. We have surrounded ourselves with funny, kind, and supportive friends and family, many with their own children and some in the process of adopting.

Building our family through adoption was something we knew we wanted as soon as the idea of children was talked about. Our vision for an open adoption is one of comfort and inclusion and that our child feels loved and a part of their entire family. We want our child to know where they came from, and still be part of their biological family in their heart and in their lives. We hope to have a relationship with our child’s birth family that is warm, welcoming, sincere, and ongoing. We hope to have the chance to raise a child in a home surrounded by loving adults, coloring on the faces of their cousins, and feeling secure, joyful and adored.

Maya and Sam

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