Hello, my name is Robin. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I truly admire your strength in considering adoption, and hope you are getting the support you need.

I have always loved kids, and always wanted to be a mom. Following the example my parents set with my brother and me, I want to be there to support and encourage my child in every way I can. I can’t wait to do things together like read books, play at the park, explore the area where we live, take trips and pictures, bake cookies, and have regular family dinners. I will be there with love, every day. I’m really excited to be on the path to becoming a mom through open adoption! I’ve always felt a strong connection to adoption since that’s how my dad became part of his parents’ family.

I’m an optimistic person who looks for the good in other people. I have a strong desire to contribute something positive to the world, even if it’s on a small scale. One (admittedly nerdy) way I do that is through my job working with electronic health records. I help people get the data they need to make sure we’re delivering the best possible patient care. I like talking with my customers to understand their needs and perspective, and creating something that will help them and our patients. I’ve been with my employer for over 10 years, and my manager – also a single mom – is very supportive of my adoption plans. She’s flexible and works with everyone relative to their personal and family needs. I’m confident that I will be able to be the fully committed mom I want to be, and continue working in my job.

My friends and family mean a lot to me. We truly care about each other, and I feel so fortunate to be able to share my life with them. They appreciate that I am kind, genuine, caring, thoughtful, and willing to go the extra mile to do what I think is right. I have a goofy side too, which I definitely got from my family!

I believe balance is very important in life. Dance has always been my favorite activity for fun. A few years after my divorce, I moved from Missouri to Oregon, and decided to try to meet people in my new city by learning partner dances like Lindy Hop. That led me to an amazing and varied group of friends. I can picture bringing my child to the family-friendly venues! I also enjoy things like hiking, cooking, watching Netflix, travel, photography, and experimenting with a small veggie/herb garden. I’m looking forward to creating family memories with my child around doing things we both enjoy – whether at home, or out and about. I will also support my child discovering things he or she is passionate about.

I was a mentor for an amazing young girl for 3 years. Once we “graduated,” the mentoring coordinator said they would love to match me with another child. Mentoring was a very rewarding experience for me, but I knew I still really wanted to be a mom. I decided it was time to get serious about pursuing building a family as a single parent and stop waiting for it to happen within a relationship.

I am committed to providing a loving, stable home for my child where he or she can learn and grow into a unique, kind and confident person. I have a support network that includes family, friends and co-workers, and I plan to expand that network through OA&FS and other organizations. My parents are retired, and have offered to come and help out whenever I need it. I also have a close single friend living in my neighborhood who adopted a baby boy. We will support each other as parents however we can, and we hope our kids become good friends. I have other neighbors and local friends with kids too – from babies to babysitting age. I am also excited that with an open adoption I will be welcoming my child’s birthparents and birth family into my life, and I look forward to developing a relationship with them – if that’s something they also want.

Thanks again for reading about me, and I look forward to learning about you too. Wishing you the best.

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