Rob and Kristie


Thank you for reading our letter! We are Rob, Kristie, and our dog Frankie. We are excited to become parents through open adoption. We have experienced how positive open adoption can be for everyone, as Rob’s sister and husband adopted their daughter through OA&FS. We are close to our young niece and are honored to be her godparents. We are fortunate to live within walking distance to both Kristie and Rob’s sisters. Together we all enjoy having family dinners, playing board games, making baked goods, and weekend adventures.

We met while working with the Navy designing naval tools, Rob as the Mechanical Engineer and Kristie as the Electrical Engineer. After being co-workers for 3 years we finally started to date. Nine months later, Rob proposed and Kristie said yes. We were married in the summer of 2013. Kristie loves that Rob is a great listener and Rob loves that Kristie is outgoing and always finding a new activity for them to try.

Kristie currently works at a high school teaching engineering classes. She enjoys working with the students and expanding their career outlook and opportunities as young adults. Kristie also does volunteer work encouraging and supporting young women to learn about engineering. Rob left his job with the Navy when he was offered a position at a tool group company, working as a Mechanical Engineer. He enjoys the challenges and problem solving opportunities his job offers. Once we adopt, Kristie will take up to six months off, and then decide if she wants to return to work part-time, or remain at home with our child full-time.

In our free time, we both enjoy hosting family and friends to dinner and to play board games. Dinners sometimes includes pizza from our wood fire pizza oven in our backyard that we built together. We bake pizza and breads all summer long. Food is a large part of our lives. Kristie enjoys baking, her favorite thing to bake is holiday cookies and she has made her nieces and nephews ‘smash’ birthday cakes and looks forward to doing the same for our child! Rob is an avid chef and bread maker. His other hobby is going scuba diving with his brother and dad when they are all able to get together. We hope to share our interests and hobbies with our child as well as try new things as a family.

We are ready to start our family through open adoption. We plan to provide a warm, loving environment with a lot of extended family around. Everyone is excited to be a part of our child’s life! We hope that this family also includes our child’s birth family. We know that the relationships formed in an open adoption are beneficial to our child, and to us as well! We look forward to welcoming our child’s birth family fully into our lives and know first hand how amazing open adoption can be for all involved.

We wish you the best while you make a plan that feels right for you and your child.

Kristie + Rob

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