Rich and Brian


Hello from our family:
Rich (left), Brian (right) and our daughter, Emerson (center)! We met 16 years ago playing rugby in San Francisco. Our relationship began as teammates, then friends, and eventually culminated in love and marriage in 2010. We have very similar traits (both speak French, same sense of humor), and interests (skiing, sports, travel), despite coming from different backgrounds. Rich was raised a military brat, growing up in foreign countries from Indonesia to Germany, though he considers himself a California native as it reflects his laid back, athletic lifestyle. Brian was raised in a small town in Kentucky and likes to think he is a comedian, making everyone laugh and smile. He has a warm, welcoming personality that reflects growing up in a big Southern family. We moved to Seattle after several years working and traveling in London because of the natural beauty and outdoor accessibility of the Northwest. Our mid-century modern home has four bedrooms, a large yard and sits across the street from a lake and is a couple miles from our jobs in downtown Seattle. Our family also includes two 80lbs furry labradoodles named Moose (too smart for his own good) and Hampton (handsome but not the brightest).

We were thrilled to adopt Emerson three years ago when she was just a newborn. Our parenting style combines elements of both our upbringings: respectful, loving and supportive, while also fostering individuality, curiosity and self-confidence. Emerson is teaching us what it means to raise an empowered, self-reliant, little girl. We both had a strong desire to create a family through adoption and our dreams came true when Emerson arrived. Open adoption appealed to us because it’s important our child knows and understands her birthparents, ethnic roots and culture. With time, she has formed a special relationship with her birth mom and meets regularly with her birth grandparents. Emerson benefits greatly from this. We didn’t realize the extent to which it would also benefit us, as well. Not only did we gain a daughter through open adoption, we also gained the mutual love and admiration of her birth family.

We value being fathers and wish to complete our family with a second child through open adoption. Emerson has also expressed her desire for a little sister or little brother to love, teach and grow up with. We continually strive to be caring and compassionate dads who have cherished every part of the journey from the first walk, to the first soccer lesson, and are excited for what’s to come! We look forward to welcoming another child and his or her birth family into our family.

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