Renee and Shannon



We are Renee (right) and Shannon (left) and are overjoyed to be considered as prospective parents. We are grateful you may choose to entrust us to care and raise a child in a safe and loving home. We have learned so much about ourselves and each other on our journey to parenthood, and we are excited to share it all with a child and their birth family.

Renee was born in California and completed two tours of service in the United States Army. She earned a degree in education and has taught physical education courses. Today, she has a federal public service career. Shannon thinks she has a witty personality and a great sense of humor. Renee says it was her cooking ability that captured Shannon’s attention. For sure, we both enjoy seeing others laugh and smile. Renee enjoys outdoor activities including open ocean paddling, surfing, and hiking. In addition, she likes to spend time working on home projects and building things such as a fountain garden pond and fencing around the back yard. Renee often gets ideas for new home projects from watching HGTV shows. A strength as a parent will be establishing routines and norms to help support and organize our family structure and create traditions.

Shannon is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She has a criminal justice degree and an Emergency Medical Technician certification. Shannon served as an instructional assistant, working with special needs high school students. Currently, she works with a great public service team at a University and believes serving her community is rewarding. She enjoys outdoor activities, family gatherings, theatre, sports, and gardening. It is exciting watching fruit trees and vegetables grow in the backyard that were started from planting seeds or clippings. Special traits include creativity, calm personality, logical thinking and strong sense of fairness. Shannon has chosen to nurture our baby full-time as a stay-at-home mother when the time comes.

We have been married for five years. During that time, we have learned and grown together in ways that created a balance to our family. Together, we enjoy hiking with our dogs, going to the movies, group fitness classes and trying new kinds of ethnic foods. We have three lovable fur-babies; a cat named Brady and our dogs Shiloh (a Dutch Shepherd/Lab Mix) and Hunter (adopted from Oregon Dog Rescue). Shiloh and Hunter let the neighborhood children pet them for hours.

We envision our family to be diverse and open to different cultures and communities. We welcome the birth parent(s) to help create new traditions in our family. We will provide financial, emotional support and resources allowing our child to experience the world, to discover their own innate gifts, and to develop their talents. We are fortunate to have a network of extended family and are excited to see our family grow.


Renee & Shannon

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