My name is Rebecca, and I am pleased to “meet” you. Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn a little about me, how I might fit for your family, and my hopes for an open adoption.

I have been a big sister, older cousin, part-time nanny, aunt and spent time with children my whole life. I have always connected well with children and we tend to appreciate each other. I always wanted to be a mom, but I had come to think that wasn’t my destiny and being the “best aunt ever” would be my thing. However, life has shown me that I want to share with my own child things that can only be experienced as a parent, and for me adoption is the way to do that. I want to raise a strong, independent, loving, caring, contributing human from little to grown, with all the related joys and challenges.

I grew up on my family’s farm in Eastern Washington, and now live in a nearby town in a home and neighborhood I love, with my cat Barnaby. I work in food and agriculture marketing in a position that allows flexibility with my work schedule. I started my career in Washington, D.C., and while it has allowed me to travel to different and exciting places, I am happy to be back in Washington State with its beautiful open landscapes, ease of getting around, easy access to outdoor recreation and my family nearby. My house has gardens where I grow flowers, herbs and vegetables, and a fenced backyard with lots of space to play. My neighborhood has great schools, and I love that the kids here are often outside playing with each other. Sometimes they stop by to say “hi” and visit with me and Barnaby.

I have lots of interests and hobbies and picture doing things with my child like reading books, playing games and puzzles, coloring, cooking, crafting, talking walks, gardening, skiing, community activities, camping and road trips. I am excited to see what interests they develop on their own, and look forward to learning and sharing those interests with them, and to supporting them in pursuing their own dreams.

I have close, strong relationships with family and friends, and a network of people I can reach out to for resources and support. I’m excited for them to be involved in my child’s life through play, family get-togethers, and eventually skiing—one of my favorite hobbies! My friends and family are helping me with the details of preparing for motherhood. I am grateful for their support, and I appreciate their telling me what a kind, patient, principled, compassionate, calm, thoughtful, dedicated mother they know I will be.

Most recently, I have been touched by adoption in that my youngest nephews joined our family through open adoption. Openness is important to me. I think that sharing information and knowing each other is just better. I hope we will all feel a sense of kinship. I want my child to feel like they are not separate from anyone but part of everyone who plays a role in their family. I want them to feel loved and safe and cared for and supported, and to know they are valued by both their birth and adoptive families.

I can’t wait to take the next step in this journey! And, more importantly,
I wish you peace and confidence in your journey.

Warm Regards,

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