Rebecca and Dave


Hi there!

We are Rebecca and Dave. Thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit about us.

We are both east coast transplants, each having lived in Oregon for nearly 20 years- it’s safe to say that we call the west coast “home.” We didn’t know each other when we moved cross-country, but the picture hanging in our hallway that says “I’m so happy we both showed up here” sums it right up. We live in a suburb outside of Portland with our imaginative, energetic, love-bug of a six-year-old and our adorable rescue pup.

Our romance was a whirlwind. We fell hard and fast and haven’t looked back, and we gave birth to our son after just a few years of being a couple. When you know, you know, right? From the start, we knew that we wanted to build a family together, and our first kiddo only solidified this for us. Parenting is a wild ride, but one we feel privileged to be on together. Growing our family of three to a crew of four is something we always pictured; we both have siblings who are critical parts of our lives, and amazing aunties/uncles to our son. Rebecca lost her mom due to cancer at the age of five, and because of the genetic nature chose to have surgery to ensure she could live a long, healthy life with her growing family. Though she felt lucky to make this choice, this meant not being able to have another biological child. With three adopted people in our close family, we knew this would be our path and, to be honest, it feels a bit like fate. This is how it was supposed to happen.

As our son grew, and we became increasingly ready to bring another small human into the mix, we learned about open adoption and felt connected to what this could mean for all of us. Knowing and loving all of the people who are important to our children as they grow seems obvious; building community around a crowded table is how we want to live our lives. As we chose an agency, open adoption became central to what we hope for as our child grows.

We are both career educators; Dave has been teaching English for over twenty years, and Rebecca works on supporting teachers, schools, and nonprofits across the country. We firmly believe that the best teachers are those who believe in intentionally building connection, within their classroom and beyond. Children grow best with strong roots, and it really does take a village to make that happen. We would love for our child’s birth family to be known and respected by our family, and for our youngest kiddo to feel comfortable asking questions and always bringing their full self.

Our time together as a family is often spent outdoors, despite our six-year-old having spurts of wanting to be an “indoor cat,” playing board games, spreading out big art projects, and building giant towers in the living room together. We are often at the beach, among the trees, or in the snow and hope to share our love of the great wide open with our children for years to come. We are a crew that loves to entertain, and to create a space (inside and out- we spend a good amount of time gardening and playing in the dirt) where people feel welcome. Music is often playing in our house, and a dance party is never too far off. We have created a little nest that we are proud of, and are looking forward to welcoming the next member of the family in.

We don’t presume to understand what you are feeling right now, but please know that we are in support of anyone reading this and thinking so carefully, and with so much love and intent, about whatever path you choose. We wish you all the best, whether we know you just through this letter or for many years to come.

Yours truly,
Rebecca and Dave

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