Rafael and Alli


Hi there!

We are Rafael, Alli, and Xoaquín. We appreciate you taking this time to get to know us a little better. We live in Washington, about 10 miles from downtown Seattle. Our first date in 2014 was to watch a World Cup soccer match while eating brunch. We ended up watching two matches and only ended the date because Alli had to teach a yoga class. We quickly learned that we wanted to be together long term and spent a lot of time going to museums, traveling (to Portland, Santa Fe, LA, Palm Springs, and Cincinnati), cooking, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. Alli got pregnant with Xoaquín in 2016 and he was born in 2017. We had a busy year in 2017… Alli was pregnant, we got engaged, we bought a house, had Xoaquín in August, and got married in November.

Family and friends are really important to us. We are the gathering house. We have two sets of neighbors who come over at least once a week for a bonfire and we love having our friends over for dinners, brunches, and wine. Our families typically visit us regularly, three or four times a year and we talk on FaceTime on a weekly basis.

Celebrating is an important part of our lives. We keep colorful decorations up in our house year-round and celebrate often. We honor Dia de los Muertos, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and New Years as the major celebrations with family and friends. We host a big birthday party for Xoaquín every year, inviting all of his friends, and our friends, family and extended family.

A little bit about each of us:
Alli is a nutritionist and yoga instructor. She currently has a weekly YouTube nutrition show, teaches a weekly yoga class, and just wrote a smoothie recipe book. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Ft. Collins, CO when she was twenty then to Seattle when she was twenty-three. She loves being active and walks everyday and also loves cooking for Rafael and Xoaquín.

Rafael is a lover of art, motorcycle rides, mountain passes, bike rides, and long runs. He works to help technology in education, helps families and communities with tech access, takes on racial justice issues and is generally a badass dad to Xoaquín. Rafael is from Los Angeles, in love with mountain trails, green spaces, and fresh air. That’s why he and Alli love Washington.

Xoaquín is a happy three-year-old kid. He loves Legos, riding his bike, Spider-Man, reading, and spending time with his buddies. He has a great sense of humor and will do anything for a piece of chocolate. We laugh a lot together and he loves going on any kind of adventure.

We got pregnant again after having Xoaquín and suffered a loss of a pregnancy in 2020. We had always talked about adoption as a way to grow our family and we found this year to be a great time to look into adoption. Open adoption is important to us because we want our adopted child to know her/his birth parent(s) and for us all to maintain a lasting relationship. Our community of friends and family is strong and always welcoming of new and important people in our lives. We look forward to cultivating a familial relationship with our child’s birth family and look forward to further growing our community to include them. Thank you for your time.

Rafael, Alli, and Xoaquín

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