Rachel and Dhiren


Greetings, we are Rachel and Dhiren!

We met 6 years ago on a drizzly spring evening at a coffee shop in Berkeley, California. We quickly realized we had similar values and aspirations, and that we both wanted to be with someone who was good at heart, honest, sincere, and eager to continue to learn and grow.

We moved to Tacoma in 2014 when Rachel accepted a position as a tenure-track physics professor. Rachel loves her job, which enables her to help her students grow as scientists and as people. Dhiren (also goes by D) takes a lot pride in being an architect and works for a local Tacoma firm designing public schools. We are fortunate to live in the north end of Tacoma with our two cats, on a quiet street surrounded by cedar, birch, and magnolias. Rachel walks to work daily, and D bike commutes a few times a week.

Our families are very important to us. Though Rachel’s family is in Colorado and D’s in India, we talk to them at least weekly, see them regularly, and share several annual traditions. We also have close friends in the area and enjoy hosting brunches as well as a yearly holiday cookie party. We hope our child’s birth family will feel welcome to become a part of our family, joining some of these traditions and helping us create new ones.

We love mountains; we like walking; snow makes us happy; baking pies with wild berries picked on a bike ride is a summer routine. D likes spending time working in our garden. Rachel’s perfect day is hiking in the mountains with the smell of willows, or skiing in fresh snow on a cold, sunny day. D’s perfect day is hiking in the mountains with his camera or working in the darkroom printing pictures.

A perfect evening can also be just reading in front of the fireplace with warm cookies and milk under a fuzzy blanket with a cat (or two) on our laps while raindrops trickle down the windows. We both love spending time in the kitchen, and we eat breakfast and dinner together as family meals. We enjoy involving our friends’ children in the activities we love, like picking pears from our backyard, baking cookies, taking them on their first hikes, or teaching them to cross-country ski.

The foundation of our relationship is built on finding spaces in our togetherness; spaces where our relationship can grow, where we can be nurtured, loved, and inspired. Among these spaces there is a space for a child, something we have both been holding in our hearts since even before we met. When we become parents, we plan to listen to our child and to talk to them honestly. We want to have fun and be silly, to take them on real and imaginary adventures, to draw, paint, build, play, and invent. We hope to raise a child who is comfortable in who they are, independent, emotionally intelligent, kind, generous, responsible, and content. We hope to learn from our child who they are meant to be, following their lead on interests, and helping them to become their best self.

We strongly believe open adoption is the best way for us to adopt a child. We welcome the birth family to be part of our family, and know they will be an important part of our child’s life. We look forward to creating shared memories with our child’s birth family in the years to come!

With love and best wishes, Rachel and Dhiren

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