Rachael and Kelly


Hi! We are Rachael (short hair), Kelly and Elijah (“Eli”). We live in a tight-knit family neighborhood located in North Seattle. Our house is a classic craftsman, three floors, with a fully fenced yard where you will often find a little boy, a dog and two black cats playing. Eli is our two year-old son, Elliott is a four-year-old lab/shepherd mix and Poppy and Pierre are the two black cats. Our house is full of love, affection and warmth. This is our family today, but let us take you back to the start.

Kelly grew up in the Chicago suburbs. After college at the University of Illinois, she was excited to experience a new city, which brought her to Seattle and to Rachael. Rachael was born and raised not far from where we live now. She went to Seattle University and, even having grown up here, continues to be in awe of the natural beauty of Seattle. By some chance, we started our first jobs out of college together and from that first day of training we have been inseparable. We feel so lucky to have found each other!

Early on in our relationship, Rachael loved taking Kelly to all of her favorite places in Seattle. From restaurants to beaches, we filled every moment with fun, adventure and getting to know each other. We now have different jobs than when we first met – Kelly went into Finance and Rachael into Leadership Development. We both enjoy our jobs, but since adopting Eli in early 2016 our favorite place to be is with him.

On weekends you might find us playing at the beach (“big dirt”, as Eli calls it), taking a ferry ride, spending time with friends, or playing baseball. In our house, we play almost as much baseball as a professional team, thanks to Eli and his love of the game! We enjoy cooking and eating together as a family, and also love trying new restaurants. We always start weekend mornings slowly, with coffee for us and milk for Eli, and we spend time outside on a daily basis.

Everyone in our house reads every day (okay, we read to Eli) and we end the day sharing a list of things we are grateful for. Eli is really good at participating in this routine, and often includes his school friends when it’s his turn to share. Eli has a close relationship with his original family, we see them quite a bit, text a lot and feel really grateful for the people they are and the involvement they have in our lives.

Rachael has six (6!) older brothers, and Kelly has 2 older sisters. We are both really close to our siblings. One of Rachael’s brothers, Danny, flies home 4 times a year to pull Eli out of daycare and spend time with him. They spend the day at the park, zoo or with Eli’s cousins, Parker and Maddy. The bond that they have is a special one. Danny lives in DC, but somehow at only age 2, Eli knows just who he is and how much he loves him. Our best friends are these siblings; the connection you have growing up in the same house as someone else is such a special one. We are so excited to see the friendship our kids form in the years to come!

We have only ever considered open adoption for growing our family. Eli was adopted through OA&FS, and it’s important to us that our children have a deep understanding of where they come from. We view adoption as the foundation of their life’s story and we want them to know that everyone involved is equally important.

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