Rachael and Kelly


Welcome to the introductory letter of us, Rachael, Kelly and Elijah.  We live in a tight-knit family community located in a northern neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.  Our house is a classic craftsman, three floors, with a fully fenced yard where you will often find a little boy, a dog and two black cats romping.  This is our family.  Elijah is our two-year old son, Elliott is a four year-old labrador/shepherd mix who loves nothing more than sitting on the porch looking out over her kingdom (the yard) while Poppy and Pierre are our two cat siblings.  This is where we are now, but let us take you back to the beginning.

Kelly is originally from the Chicago suburbs.  Born and raised in Illinois, including attending the University of Illinois, Kelly was excited to graduate and experience a new city.  That brought her to Seattle and Rachael.  Rachael was born in a neighborhood of Seattle, not far from where we live now.  She attended Seattle University and, even having grown-up here, continues to be constantly in awe by the natural beauty of Seattle.  Kelly, being a numbers nerd, and Rachael, the queen of research, both decided to begin our careers in the public accounting arena.  Meeting on the first day of training, we have essentially been inseparable since.  We thoroughly enjoy all the outdoor activities Seattle has to offer.  On the weekend you may find us doing a wide-array of activities including ferry rides, running or hiking – even the dog parks can be an outdoor adventure –and enjoying the company of friends and family.  We sometimes dabble in musical instruments, crafting or drawing/painting to let out some artistic energy and embrace our creative sides as well.

We were lucky to grow our little family in February 2016. Elijah (“Eli”) loves balls, anything with wheels and all of the Tupperware. He goes to a great day care halfway between our home and each of our offices. On Fridays he spends the day with his Nana and Papa (Rachael’s parents) and his cousin Parker. They go to Gymboree for music class and Parker and Eli spend the day playing together. We are so grateful that these two boys can grow up together.  When Eli joined our family, his birth family became a part of our own extended family. We see them often, text a lot and have truly grown as a family. We are so grateful for the people they are, and the involvement they have in our lives.

Both of us have siblings (Rachael an outrageous 6 older brothers, Kelly 2 sisters) and consider our siblings some of our best friends.  As such, we hope to have multiple kids of our own so they may appreciate the experiences of being a sibling and have a friend for life.  Rachael was seemingly born to be a mom.  She spent years nannying for numerous families and remains close to each of them.  She has an ability to connect with all people, wherever they are in life, including kids.  Kelly loves learning the views and differences among people and has stepped into her role as Eli’s mom with ease. She can’t wait to help our children grow, seeing their interests and viewpoints develop them into the unique people they will be.

We have only ever considered the open adoption path.  It is important to us that our child have a relationship with their birth parents and understand the adoption process.  Adoption is the foundation of their life’s story and we want them to know that everyone involved is equally important.

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