Portia and Slim


Hello… we are Portia and Slim, welcome to a snapshot of our life! We have been together for 18 years and have always felt that open adoption was the right choice for us. In 2010 we adopted Finn and now we’re ready to grow our family by open adoption again.

Portia grew up in New York City and has a Ph.D. in Anthropology. Slim says that Portia is the most solid person he knows, as she maintains an even keel and a positive outlook on life in general. Slim grew up in Montana and has a Masters in Theology. He sang in bands and started several businesses in the 90s and 2000s. Portia is impressed with his adaptive ability and what a great dad he is. We share a love of music and music is our family business: Portia runs the independent record label that Slim started in 1991 while Slim runs our associated music publishing company. Our office is 12 minutes from our house so we can easily take Finn to Tae Kwon Do or swimming class after school. Finn loves camping and fishing, and as a family we love board games like Monopoly and card games like Uno – even granddad plays on Sunday nights! We all enjoy spending time with our extended family: Finn’s birth brother Jack and his adoptive moms; Finn’s birth family; and Slim’s sister, brother, and nephews all live in the same town, so visiting is easy.

We live in a beautiful cedar A-frame in the woods in Southwest Washington – it is truly our dream house! Finn loves animals and we currently have two indoor/outdoor cats (Stormy and Blue Blue), one outdoor cat (Stumpy), a bearded dragon (Scaley), two bunnies (Harvey and Luna), and a bunch of assorted fish. We love pets.

Slim’s mom lives in Idaho, while Portia’s parents live in New York City, so we’ve done a lot of traveling with Finn so far and will keep that up with a new child in the family. Our favorite vacation destination is Costa Rica and we’re planning a trip to Africa to visit friends.

We love parenting a boy and think having a girl as well would add to the richness of our family life. We intend to raise our children in the awesome atmosphere of music, learning, travel, laughter, pets, and family that we have enjoyed so far. We look forward to sharing this with another child and her birth family!

Portia, Slim, and Finn

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