Philip and Lauren


Hello! We are Philip and Lauren.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We live in a small town in Washington about two hours north of Seattle with our two cats Gryphy and Huggles, who we adore. We are excited to grow our family through open adoption.

We are very easy-going people, and like to live a simple life helping others as much as we can. Lauren is a registered nurse working with preschool-aged children and their families, and Philip is a home health care associate working with the elderly in their homes. We love working with people and enjoy making them smile every day. We live in a single-story home with a fenced backyard full of garden beds in a diverse suburban neighborhood with people of all ages and backgrounds. There are parks, many family activities, and good schools within walking distance of our house, and we look forward to raising our family here.

We met online in 2015 and connected over our shared love of music and the outdoors. We met at a coffee shop for our first date and talked until closing, discovering even more things in common. We found that we had a lot of fun when we were together, and embarked on a long-distance relationship, since we lived a few hours apart at the time. We got married in 2016 and settled down together in Northern Washington. After all this time, we still easily spend hours talking and laughing together about just about anything. We both love to go for walks and go hiking so we can explore and bask in the outdoors. We also like to garden (Philip), do puzzles, play board and computer games, cook, bake (Lauren), and spend lots of quality time together as well as with family and friends. Philip writes poetry and has self-published a book of poetry. Lauren has been rock climbing since high school. We maintain our relationship through honest communication, a supportive friendship, and a good dose of humor. Our shared family values include integrity, faith, respect, and being true to oneself.

Philip spent the first part of his childhood in Illinois until he was eight, when his family moved to Redmond, Washington. He is the oldest child, and has two living brothers. His family was very sports-oriented, and spent time together going hiking on weekends and visiting National Parks during their vacations. Lauren was born and raised in a small town in northern Washington near where we live today. She has a brother who is younger by one year, and growing up her family always had a variety of pets, including gerbils, cats, a bunny and a beagle. In different ways, faith was an integral part of life for both of us growing up, and this continues today. We go to Church every Sunday and highly value faith and learning.

We would love to have a large family; however, we are unable to have biological children. In exploring our options, we discovered open adoption, which is important to us because we wish for our child to have a complete identity. We believe in loving, supporting, and providing opportunities for our child to develop their own dreams, values, and beliefs. We are excited about integrating more family into our lives through open adoption. We hope to create a genuine connection with our child’s birth family, spending quality time together, and sharing experiences as we grow together as a family.

Best Regards, Philip and Lauren

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