Peter and Lee-Anne


Hi. We’re Peter and Lee-Anne. We’re really looking forward to becoming parents through open adoption!

We can’t wait to experience the wonder of our child growing up. We want to encourage everyday discovery, from exploring the flavors of foods at the table and in the kitchen, to exploring the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. We want to learn with our child by wandering the woods, walking on the beach and climbing hills, building sandcastles and tree forts and snowmen, traveling by plane or bus or bike, and gazing at the awesome starry sky. We will create a safe space where our child can bravely explore, and stumble, and recover, and grow.

We are unashamed geeks. We are passionate about science, the arts, history, and culture. Lee-Anne is a librarian, and Peter works in educational technology. Both of our careers allow us to help others, which is important to us. Peter loves singing and researching family trees. Lee-Anne loves dancing and interior design. Together, we like binge-watching our latest favorite sci-fi/fantasy, historical drama, or mystery series.

Peter grew up in Portland, Oregon and Lee-Anne is from rural New York state. We met in class at Cornell University over twenty years ago, got married, and moved together to Portland in 2001. Our home is in a walkable neighborhood with restaurants, parks, and schools nearby. We enjoy getting together with family and friends to share delicious meals, go to plays and concerts, play board games, or just hang out.

Our relationship is strong because our personalities complement each other. Lee-Anne carefully plans things out ahead of time, and Peter is more spontaneous. Peter is energized by large gatherings, and Lee-Anne recharges in small groups. Lee-Anne will start a conversation with anyone about anything, while Peter hangs back to get a sense of the crowd. Lee-Anne appreciates Peter’s diplomacy, and Peter relies on Lee-Anne’s assertiveness.

We think kids are healthiest and happiest when they have many adult role models. We value the relationships we had with adult relatives and our parents’ friends while we were growing up, and we want our child to have connections like these. We look forward to building comfortable and lasting relationships with a birthfamily. And our friends and family await the arrival of a baby almost as eagerly as we do.

Thank you for taking time to read about us. We wish you the best now and for the future.

Lee-Anne and Peter

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