My name is Pauline, I’m happy to have the opportunity to share a little about myself and my hopes for an open adoption. Living in a small progressive town in the Northwest corner of Washington state, I’m close to ferries to the islands, miles of local trails, lakes, wonderful playgrounds, water parks, and farmland. It has great kids events, and an excellent school district. It’s a peaceful place my friends know they can come to and unwind. I love the retreat feeling of my home, with the salt air and view of the water; watching the sail boats cruise into the harbor or watching sunsets and the twinkling lights of downtown.

Being able to have my horse, Sadie, nearby is a source of joy. I have a sense of adventure and love to travel. I value education, volunteerism, and lifelong learning. I find happiness hiking, biking, kayaking and exploring, creating little celebrations at my home with friends, or simply curling up with a good book.

I had a challenging and rewarding career supplying computer-controlled machine tools to manufacturing facilities in both Washington and England. Think Rosie the Riviter meets granola mom. I can run power tools, cook a healthy meal and find inspiration and rejuvenation in nature. One day might find me helping friends re-roof their house, and another day I might be gardening in a skirt, or taking a ferry to one of the islands. My friend’s husband affectionately told me one day when I arrived at their house with my remodeling clothes on “some days you’re a sports car and some days you’re a dump truck.”

Being a foster parent brought some of the most joyful and meaningful moments of my life. Through the experience, I’ve come to believe that, although I had an idealized expectation for motherhood, it is really about loving a child. My foster son was with me full time for about two and a half years. He’s been back home now for over a year and the relationship his parents and I have developed has helped him feel loved and supported, creating a touching and meaningful bond between us all. His mom describes that I co-parent him with her, on a Mother’s Day letter to me she signed, “your son’s other Mother.” My foster son explains to others that he has “two moms.” With this positive experience, I can safely say, I would be happy for my child to have two moms.

I’ve worked hard and had a lot of good luck to be in the position I am now, where managing my rental properties allows me to be a stay-at-home mom. I’ve always known I wanted to be a parent and my journey has been a long one. One of my best friends who has four kids told me: you are a mother, you just don’t have any kids. I hope that can change.

I honor your journey and thank you for reading my letter and wish you all the best with your future whatever it may hold.