Paul and Josh


Hi, we’re Paul (left) and Josh (right)!

Our story began online when Paul noticed that Josh described himself as a Pokemon Master. A month into dating, Paul ate some Thai food chock-full of secret peanuts, resulting in an intense allergic reaction, a trip to the hospital, and a night spent watching horrible local television with Josh. That’s when we both knew it was true love. Since then, our shared desire to live authentic, nerdy, happy lives has seen us through five years of laughter, tears, and love.

Paul (originally from Ohio) is a user experience designer, which he describes as making software for non-tech savvy people. Paul likes to write stories, paint, plan Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and cook. He also plays piano and Irish fiddle and is excited to introduce our children to a world full of delicious food and art.

Josh (native to Washington) teaches 9th grade science and can’t imagine himself anywhere else, as his school reflects his calling toward social justice and diversity. Josh loves fantasy novels, video games with interesting stories, and music you can sing to. Josh can’t wait to have all the awkward real-talks that good parenting involves because he likes to transform serious discussion topics into everyday conversation.

The two of us are board members of the Japanese American Citizens League, a civil rights organization that works to support and protect all marginalized communities. We enjoy giving back to our community and doing what we can to make the world a slightly better place for everyone.

Our evenings are spent playing with our dog, Mr. Peppers, and attempting to get him to drop his ball (he’s still figuring out fetch). While Josh grades papers, Paul usually works on a home cooked meal for family dinner, a tradition we hope to continue. Over the weekend, we love taking day trips to explore the area and visiting friends/family (and eating until we’re physically uncomfortable). When we’re feeling like indoor kids, we binge watch Netflix, play video games, or sit down for needlessly complex board games.

We live in a quiet Seattle neighborhood near several parks and two community centers. We have five nieces and nephews and have taken immense joy in watching them grow up. We’ve experienced how much happiness can be derived from some paper and crayons and know the awful tragedy of an unexpected head bonk. Being uncles has only affirmed our deeply held desire to be parents, and we can’t wait to start a family.

Our children will grow up supported by a strong community of aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, social justice advocates, and a house full of love and laughter. At our home, we will encourage our kid to find their place in this world, and hope our child grows up curious, confident, and caring.

We believe that open adoption is the best way to raise our child, and we hope our child will grow up feeling complete and proud of their identity. Our vision is to cultivate a close relationship with our child’s birth family to honor the stories, culture, and people that make up their heritage. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us — we are absolutely humbled by your consideration.
– Josh and Paul

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