Paul and John


Hello! Paul & John here (or PB & J as Paul’s sister calls us).

We are incredibly excited to begin the open adoption journey, thank you for taking the time to read our story!

We met in 2013 and learned pretty early-on that we were going to be in each other’s lives for the long haul. On our second date when John made pasta from scratch, Paul was ready to sign on the dotted line! On our third date John took Paul to Powell’s Bookstore to browse the aisles for fun, or so Paul thought until John bought multiple books about adoption and gay parenting. We learned at that moment that we both truly value family and that we both knew that open adoption was going to be our path to building a family together.

Two years later we were married in an intimate ceremony joined by close friends and our chosen family. It was a magical wedding weekend in which we felt so surrounded by love, we will never forget the joy we felt from those closest to us. It was also that same year that we bought our house in which we now live and that John makes his famous pasta, Paul watches marathons of Say Yes to the Dress, and in which we both dream of raising a family. We host big dinner parties and summer BBQ’s and we can’t wait for the day that we can walk our child down the street to school, or up the street to the Saturday Farmer’s Market. We truly love our home and our neighborhood.

While we love nesting at home, we also love to explore everything that Portland and the Pacific Northwest have to offer. As foodies at heart we have eaten our way through PDX whether its sampling the best of the food carts or attending the Feast festival every year. We also live for weekend getaways to the coast or the mountains or to visit dear friends in Seattle or Vancouver BC. We are grateful to live in such a beautiful, thriving community and do our best to take advantage of it. We are also passionate about exploring more far flung locales such as Hawaii and Italy.

We also strive to bring the same passion we have for each other and our life to the work that we do. John is a children’s theater associate artistic director, accomplished clown, stage performer, set designer, puppet maker, and director. John wears a lot of hats, many of which are festooned with feathers! He’s incredibly motivated to entertain and educate children and families through theater and has done so for over 10 years in Portland. Paul on the other hand works in the fashion and retail industry. Before moving to Portland 7 years ago Paul was a buyer for a major department store chain in NYC, and now works in Portland as a merchandising director. As a former evening wear buyer, Paul is known among his friends and colleagues for his Instagram red carpet commentary during major awards shows. You can take the boy of NYC, but you can’t take NYC out of the boy!

Now that we are established in our community, our home, and our careers we cannot wait to embark on our next big adventure: parenthood! We have an expansive view of family, one in which we’ve surrounded ourselves with a beautiful chosen family sustained by love, respect, and honesty. We are incredibly grateful for the community we are a part of and the support system we have in place, and we cannot wait to welcome both a child and their birth family into this community. It is this expanded view of family that drew us to open adoption and we are extremely optimistic about the opportunity this journey provides. We hope to build a relationship with our child and their birth family built on mutual respect and openness. We look forward to surrounding our child with unconditional love, support, guidance, opportunity, and joy! As our family motto states: “This is supposed to be fun!” And we will do our best to live up to this!

We honor your journey and appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit more about us and our dreams for the future.

Paul & John

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