Patrick and Randy



We’re Patrick and Randy. We are both lifelong Seattleites, and probably should have met much earlier than we did. Once we met, we discovered a number of friend-of-a-friend connections. The most fun one is probably Randy’s brother, who saw Patrick in several plays over the years, including one just a few weeks before we met. And – we promise we are not making this up – in that play Patrick’s character fell in love with a guy named Randy! When we finally did meet in 2014, after connecting on a dating website, there was an instant spark. We were both quickly sure that we had met “the one,” and we got married in 2017.

Randy works as a marketing director in the tourism industry. It is the perfect job for him because he loves Seattle and he gets to share this beautiful city with people from all over the world. Patrick works as a finance manager at a local research institution. He loves his job because he gets to be the behind-the-scenes Excel whiz while supporting talented scientists who are working to make the world a healthier place. Our house in Southwest Seattle has a beautiful yard to play in, a garden where Patrick is trying to develop his green thumb, and plenty of space for our family and the many guests we love to host.

We both come from large, boisterous families, and we have always wanted to start a family of our own. We are looking forward to welcoming our child’s birth parents into our lives, who we know will be embraced by our siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and many (many) cousins. We are also excited to be a part of the extended family of our child’s birth family.

We love to travel, especially to America’s beautiful national parks. We are looking forward to many hiking, camping, and road trip adventures as a family. Randy is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, and more. Randy also plays hockey and co-hosts a podcast about his favorite food – tacos. We love sports (especially college football) and are fans of the performing arts, both as spectators and participants. Randy plays the saxophone in a community band and Patrick runs a Shakespeare troupe that performs in bars! Patrick also loves to read and bake, and looks forward to sharing those passions with our child.

We have always known that we wouldn’t be able to start a family “the old-fashioned way.” Once we learned about open adoption, we knew it was the only choice for us. We hope to have a strong, positive relationship with our child’s birth family, and know how meaningful it will be to our child to build a deep connection with their birth family, and understand who they are and where they come from.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a bit better!

With gratitude,
Patrick and Randy

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