Patrick and Kathy



We are Patrick and Kathy, along with our Boston Terriers Mia and Jack, and our kitties, Max and Delilah.

Our relationship began when Patrick moved home to Seattle, and Kathy decided to give online dating one more try. We found an instant chemistry along with a shared love of family, the Pacific Northwest, animals and laughter. We also discovered shared values, such as honesty, compassion and kindness. Now married, we have collected several fur babies along the way and nothing would give us a greater joy than sharing our lives with a child through open adoption.

Patrick grew up the second youngest of five children in the foothills of the Northern Cascades. Patrick was taught about the outdoors at an early age. He was especially close with his younger brother as they grew up playing games and building forts in the woods. Patrick works in research for future technologies in augmented and virtual reality after years of making videogames. Patrick has always wanted to be a father and is a natural nurturer and teacher to those around him.

Kathy also grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She is the oldest of two, with several generations spread throughout the region. Her love of nature and animals started at an early age, as well as her desire to help others and grow both intellectually and emotionally. Kathy is a trained massage therapist for humans and small animals however, she currently spends her time volunteering for an animal rescue. Helping animals find their forever homes, brings her joy. Kathy has always wanted to be a mother and raise a child in a loving and healthy relationship.

Together, we enjoy nurturing our relationships with family and close friends. We love being outside, walking in our neighborhood or camping around the Northwest. Travel is exciting for us, yet it only makes us more grateful for what we have at home. We also love live music, exploring new restaurants, and watching movies at home. Our animals are very much part of our family, and are with us as much as possible.

Open adoption fits with who we are. We feel lucky to have close friends who have been part of open adoptions, both as birthparents and adoptive parents, and have witnessed how positive their relationships have been. Having both grown up with large families, we look forward to welcoming our child’s birth parents into our lives. We envision an open adoption relationship that is focused on open communication, respect, and compassion.

We are ready and eager to become the “launching pad” for our child. To completely support, teach, and love them as they grow into a unique individual. Our family lifestyle will be active, loving and especially full of laughter.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We wish you the very best.

Patrick & Kathy

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