Noreen and Fred


Hello, we are Noreen and Fred, along with our daughter Maggie and Sparkles (the Wonder Cat).

Maggie, our 10-year-old biological daughter, has brought joy and focus to our lives and we are eager to welcome a second child into our family and their birth family, through an open adoption.

Our family values kindness, respect, hard work, and above all, one another. We enjoy spending time outdoors- at the park, hiking, biking, snowshoeing and camping, and love going on adventures and outings, including the Museum of Flight, aquarium or trips out of town to visit family and friends. At home, we play games, watch movies and read in front of the fireplace.

Fred, from Michigan, and Noreen, from Oregon, met while volunteering through AmeriCorps to teach adults to read. We had a long distance relationship initially while pursuing individual goals- Fred studied filmmaking in New York, and Noreen became a speech pathologist in Washington- but we couldn’t stay apart for long! We married in 2003 and settled in Brooklyn, New York, but the pull of the Pacific Northwest was strong, and we moved to Seattle in 2006 to be closer to Noreen’s family.

As parents, we stay in sync, and provide the love and structure that helps kids learn and thrive, while also remaining flexible. Fred enjoys sharing his love of science fiction and music with Maggie, and nurtures her interest in playing outdoors. Noreen loves following Maggie’s lead as she pursues her passions: sports, superheroes, and animals. She also enjoys Maggie’s insightful questions and love of the outdoors. We both volunteer at Maggie’s diverse neighborhood school.

Fred was raised Jewish and Noreen was raised Catholic. Together we have built a Jewish family that blends both of our traditions while helping Maggie develop a strong Jewish identity. We celebrate holidays and special events with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and close family friends. We look forward to learning about and embracing the traditions and beliefs of our child’s birthfamily.
We have always seen open adoption as a natural way to expand our family. We want our second child to know their full history, and we will welcome our child’s birthparents to become a part of our extended family. We imagine getting together for holidays and special occasions, and will support our child in building a lifelong relationship with their birthfamily.

Thank you for reading our letter.

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