Noreen and Fred


We are Noreen and Fred, along with our daughter Maggie and Sparkles the Cat (seen below). Adoption has always been part of our plan; it feels like a natural way to grow our family. We are eager to welcome another child into our hearts, and we are excited to have an open adoption. We want our second child to have meaningful relationships with his or her entire family, including his or her birth family.

Fred is from Michigan, and Noreen is from Oregon. Fred was raised Jewish and Noreen, Catholic. A casual observer might think we were very different people, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We were both working as Americorps literacy volunteers when we met at a conference in Houston 13 years ago, and we hit it off immediately — after finishing our volunteer work, we went our separate ways; Fred to study filmmaking in New York and Noreen to become a speech pathologist in Bellingham, Washington. But we couldn’t stay apart for too long….

We married in 2003 and settled in Brooklyn, New York. While there, we enjoyed living in the big city and having movie nights with Fred’s Aunt Susan. The pull of the Pacific Northwest was strong, though, and we moved to Seattle in 2006 to be closer to Noreen’s family.

Maggie (age 7), our biological daughter, has changed our lives forever by bringing joy and a new focus to our lives. Maggie is enthusiastic about sports, super heroes, ninjas and animals. As a family, we enjoy spending time together, whether it’s playing in the park or reading together on the sofa. We love taking Maggie on adventures, to the science center and aquarium, and outdoors where go snowshoeing and camping.

Fred is a highly engaged father who enjoys sharing his love of science fiction and guitar-playing with Maggie. He nurtures her interest in playing outdoors—bike rides and basketball. Any long weekend may find them taking a Daddy-daughter trip to Canada. Noreen loves following Maggie’s lead as she pursues her passions. Noreen works just blocks from Maggie’s school, so she can volunteer weekly and attend special events. During the summers, they enjoy Maggie-Mommy road trips to visit family and friends.

We value living in a diverse neighborhood in Southeast Seattle. We try to enjoy the small moments that add up to a happy life. As parents, we are remarkably in sync. We provide the love and structure that helps young kids learn and thrive. At the same time, we have learned the art of being flexible.

We have always seen open adoption as a natural way to expand our family. We want our child to know his or her full history, and we want the birth family to be a part of our child’s life. We want to give our children all the nurturing and love and support that we can. We envision our child having a life-long relationship with his or her birth parents. We imagine getting together with our birth child’s family for holidays and special occasions. Thank you so much for reading our letter and considering us!

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