Nicole and Quentin


Hi there,
We’re Nicole and Quentin. We are honored to share our story and thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We pray that you be filled with support, love, and comfort through your pregnancy journey.

We’ve known both joy and sorrow in our relationship. We are parents to a sweet angel baby who we had with us for eleven amazing days before saying goodbye to him. After losing Kaenon, we understand the complex emotions that can come with life-changing decisions. In choosing open adoption, we want birth parents to truly know that it is not a “goodbye”, but instead a “welcome to our family”.

We met in college and married in 2012 in Hawaii where much of Quentin’s extended family lives. We love to travel, which we hope to continue with our children. Some of our favorite adventures were spending a month in Europe, traveling to Egypt where our kitties’ names were inspired from, visiting Machu Picchu where we got engaged, and experiencing Quentin’s heritage in China.

Nicole would describe Quentin as a jokester, trivia wiz, Disney & Star Wars fanatic and a kid at heart. He is also a grounded, driven, live-in-the-moment guy, with a caring heart and fun-loving smile. Quentin would describe Nicole as a compassionate, empathetic, affectionate person who puts others first with her generous and loyal heart. We are a great team and balance each other well. Quentin is a sales rep for a dental imaging company. He is very happy to have a home office and flexibility in his schedule. Nicole was a wedding coordinator until family building began, and has since been a nanny. We are both grateful for Quentin’s career success, that allows us the opportunity to be very available to our future child’s needs, as Nicole plans to be a full-time stay at home mama!

We both come from tight-knit families. We live in a quiet, waterfront neighborhood outside Seattle. It is just a short drive from Quentin’s parents, his sister, and Nicole’s sister, and we’re visited often by Nicole’s parents who live in Colorado. We spend birthdays, holidays, special occasions and BBQs together. We look forward to continuing family traditions of holiday dinners, Disney trips, family reunions, and most importantly creating lots of new traditions with our child and their birth family!

A typical week-night at home is us cooking dinner, and watching TV with our kitties, Luxor, Saqqara and King Tut. A typical weekend is spent with friends and family, attending church, working on house projects and being outdoors. Quentin’s “me time” is golfing and landscaping, while Nicole’s “me time” is reading, designing & decorating. Together we share a love of good food, concerts, sporting events (Go Seahawks!), and hiking. We also love slowing down for a night on the couch with pizza, popcorn, and a movie.

As parents, we intend to provide an upbringing with values of generosity, kindness, and respect for others and we hope to raise our child to be a strong, grounded, confident, curious person while finding their place in the world. We wish to encourage a child’s hopes and dreams and to provide the best possible education. We believe there is power in a smile and hug, and we are excited to fill our home with endless laughter and unconditional love!

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