Nathan and Derek


Hello! We are Nathan and Derek with our son Duncan in Seattle. Thank you for reading our letter. We hope it gives you a sense of who we are.

We both grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, but we met through a mutual friend in Seattle in 2011 where Derek lived. Nathan was just starting his PhD program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Over the next two years, we traveled every month to visit each other and talked every day over Skype. Thus, our relationship began with a high level of trust and great communication, which we carry forward to now.

Nathan moved to Seattle in 2013, and we married a year later. Nathan is a software developer and Derek, a software engineering manager. We welcomed Duncan into our family through open adoption in 2017. We are so honored that Duncan’s birth mother, Julia, chose us to be the parents of her child. Now we are ready to grow our family again and to share our laughter, joy, and love with a second child.

Nathan is warm, spontaneous, and loves playing pretend with Duncan. He cooks delicious meals for us and is always on the hunt for new books to read with Duncan. Derek keeps the family organized and fills our calendar with fun activities like swim classes, play dates, and dinners with friends. He speaks multiple languages and sometimes talks to Duncan in French or Cantonese. He also plays piano and violin for the family. As our children grow older, we look forward to introducing them to our other interests: Nathan enjoys performing in community theatre and Derek loves flying planes as a licensed pilot.

We love being parents. Duncan has enriched our lives in ways we never imagined. We want Duncan to have a sibling so he can share the special bond we had with our brothers. Duncan is cheerful, outgoing, and plays well with other children. He will make an outstanding big brother. At our family reunions, Duncan feels the warmth and love of our large extended family who gather regularly from across the country. We want to share that love with a second child and their birth family.

We will give our children the best opportunities we can: a great education, a multicultural experience, and a home filled with love, joy, and kindness. We will make sure our children are connected to their cultural identity, understand their origins, and know how much they are loved by all of us. We look forward to having a relationship with our children’s birth families in whatever ways feel most comfortable for them – from sharing photos, exchanging text messages, to having visits throughout the year. We welcome open and warm communication with our children’s birth families because we believe a child can never have too much love. Thank you for reading our letter. We wish you the best!

With warmth and love,
Derek & Nathan

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