Nabil and Courtney


Hello! We are Nabil and Courtney, and our three year old son’s name is Adi. We would love for you to get to know us a little and hopefully we also get to learn more about you as well!

We (Courtney and Nabil) both grew up in Wyoming and were high school sweethearts. We eventually moved to Portland, Oregon for college and then got married in 2008 – we have now been married for fourteen years! After the wedding we began our careers and at different points we also both went back to graduate school. Courtney works in business development (marketing and operations), and Nabil works in public education and is currently an elementary school principal. In December of 2018, we became parents through open adoption when our amazing son Adi was born. As a family, we spend a lot of time playing, laughing, traveling and learning. Our family keeps busy with lots of activities such as swimming at the pool, going to soccer matches, playing at parks, taking walks through the neighborhood or simply having friends and family over for a BBQ.

As a family we also really enjoy traveling. We have family around the United States, in Europe and in North Africa as well. Courtney’s dad lives in Hawaii, so we go visit him as often as we’re able! We try to take about three trips a year to visit friends and family or just to explore a new area with our nuclear family. Traveling is not just fun for us, but it also helps make sense of the world around us in a different way – a value we hope our kid(s) can experience.

We have a very loving household and celebrate what each of us brings as our own individual selves. Nabil is the more outgoing and social one in the family, while Courtney often prefers to do activities at the house. Courtney is also extremely creative and has a lot of hobbies such as gardening, sewing and art. Adi is kind of a mix of both. He is very outgoing and social with friends and warms up to new people very quickly. He is caring, empathetic and friendly with everyone he meets – and if you’re interested in playing trains, he will show you all kinds of cool things. One of the best things about our family is that we are friends and genuinely enjoy being around each other. Our house is safe and calm both emotionally and physically. We work hard and are very intentional to always keep it this way. We’re committed to always taking care of each other. And that includes our extended, birth-parent family.

As a current adoptive family, one of the things that we want future birth parents to know, is that you will ALWAYS be a big part of our hearts and our lives. Our hope is that “open adoption” will mean that we will become family to one another. We are in continued contact with Adi’s birth mother and have a great relationship with her. We understand that everybody’s circumstances and wants are different, and that will mean a unique relationship depending on each birth parent’s ability and comfort level, but no matter the situation, our kids will always learn about their birth parents with honesty, love, and empathy.

We look forward to meeting our next extended family and weaving our stories together,

Nabil, Courtney, and Adi