Mitch and Elisa


Hey there!  We are Mitch and Elisa, and we live in the greater Seattle area.  We’ve been together for seven years and married for two.  We always dreamed of having a couple of tiny humans, but once we decided it was time, we discovered our bodies simply weren’t up to the task.  Guided by our own chosen families and adopted family members, adoption quickly emerged as the best path to growing our family.

Mitch is a business consultant, Elisa is a designer, and we both work from home.  Mitch is super into facts, figures and trivia, but his favorite hobby is skill collecting – learning new things from soap making to woodworking. He can’t wait to do kitchen science with kids.  Elisa is passionate about the arts, new experiences and small pleasures. She loves traveling, entertaining, dressing up and going out.  We’re both foodies and our default friendly gatherings are board game nights.  Our 14 lb. 3 year old terrier mix, Doyle, likes people even more than he likes dogs, and is equally happy fetching and doing tricks as he is snuggling.  In this house, Halloween is serious business, our walls have more books than pictures, and rule number one is Wheaton’s Law, meaning “be considerate.”

We frequently chat about our future child, and while we are bound to learn as we go, some core values will hold fast.  The literal meaning of discipline is “to teach”, and we have taken that very much to heart; our approach when caring for Elisa’s young siblings has generally been, “let’s figure this out together.”  Self-determination and communication are our priorities: we want our child to have a sense of control and choice over themselves and their lives, and we want them to know how to talk through conflict, convey their needs and understand the needs of others.  We value knowledge and curiosity, and look forward to teaching them the most mundane of skills.  Above all, we want our child to know they are safe and they are loved by many, but especially by their adoptive family and birth family alike.

After much research as well as consideration of Elisa’s own adopted siblings, we realized that open adoption will be healthiest for all involved. We want our child to have a solid bond with their first family, and we hope to welcome you as a part of our own intentional family.  Thank you for reading about us; we wish you the best, whatever path you choose.


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