Miles and Davis



Thank you for reading our letter. We are Miles and Davis. We first met in 2009 in Oregon and became friends working together on a short film project. We stayed in touch over the years while Davis stayed in Portland and Miles lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Ashland.

We’re a great team, and we share many values and interests. When our relationship grew from friendship into something more, we immediately clicked into a new rhythm. We both love family and friends, to cook and garden, hiking, making music, camping and yoga, and working together to tackle projects and accomplish goals. Our time together is full of laughter and connection.

We both come from very close families. Our parents on both sides are married, and we are each very close with our siblings and their partners. Miles grew up in Oregon, his parents having settled there after finishing school on the East Coast. Davis grew up in Northern California where his family, a big, fun, rowdy group, still lives. Both of our families share similar values. We are people who believe in the power of love, encourage one another to pursue dreams, and hope to fill the world with joy and kindness.

We love living in Oregon. Davis owns a photo and video studio; he loves his team and the global community they get to work with. Miles is in medical school and is connected to a diverse group of people in education, healthcare, and community groups. Our friendships and family represent the richest and most fulfilling parts of our lives. We’ve built our life together as a foundation for the family we hope to create and have always felt excited about and connected to open adoption.

Building our family with Open Adoption will create the family we dream of – fun, diverse, and kind. We both grew up with large families built from a mix of all types of people, blood relatives, adopted relatives, and close friends collected along the way. Family is what you make of it, and we are guided by that intention as we start our family with amazing new people through Open Adoption. We look forward to including the birth family in our child’s life, working collaboratively to create harmonious shared energy that honors and respects the child and provides them with robust support, love, and positivity as they make their journey through the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We can imagine this might not be an easy time for you, and we send you love and support for whatever path you choose to follow. If you feel a connection, we’d love to get to know you better.

With very best wishes,
Davis & Miles

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