Michael and Eric


We are Michael (left) and Eric (right). We are people who quickly jump into song and dance to celebrate life’s joys, fill homes with loud laughter, and shower others with hugs and affection.

Eric is from New Orleans and comes from a blended family of eight siblings. He is a lover of nature and adventure. You can find him hiking through waterfalls, mountains, or the Oregon desert, searching for rocks and taking photographs that fill our home. Michael is an only child from a single mom, who raised him in Houston. Michael is outgoing, theatrical, and emotionally intuitive. He is the type of person who listens to his friends’ joys and sorrows, there to give a listening ear, a hug, or an impromptu comedy routine to cheer them up. We met in our early 20s in Austin and quickly fell in love. We moved around the country for work and school before finally settling in our forever home, Portland.

Michael works as a child psychologist and professor in a medical school. Eric works at the same hospital as a rehabilitation therapist. We recently bought a home, one block from a tree-lined park filled with families, dogs, and quirky festivals. Our home is a welcoming place for all. We love hosting dinners for friends and neighbors. Eric uses herbs from our vegetable garden for these dinners, while Michael dresses the table with roses from the front yard.

We are people dedicated to creating a loving home, filled with play and adventure – including dance parties and fort-building – and many opportunities for learning and education. We will provide our children with a stable home life, consisting of nightly dinners at the table to discuss the day’s events. At this same table, we will help our children with homework, complete art projects, and play board games. We imagine days ending with bedtime stories and talks of what tomorrow will bring. We will teach them lessons on bravery, exploration, and appreciation for lives that are different than theirs as we visit different states and countries each year. Celebrations will include big birthdays, family holidays, and seasonal joys (summer BBQs, pumpkin picking, winter skiing).

Our children will be welcomed and loved by colorful family and friends. Michael’s mom lives in the lower level of our home; she is excited to become a grandmother and teach them how to fish or the rules of any sport. Our family also includes a cat and two dogs. Eric’s dad, siblings, nieces, and nephews fill our hallways for holidays and vacations. While Eric’s mom sadly lost her battle to cancer in 2021, she left us with many heirlooms to bestow to our children, her way of extending a warm hug even if she can’t do so physically.

We chose open adoption so that our child can know who they are and where they come from. We believe that having the chance to learn about their heritage and know their extended family will help them better discover who they are. This idea hits home because Michael was conceived using a sperm donor and did not know anything about his father until his early 30s. Open adoption is also appealing to us because we are excited to welcome a birth parent or couple and their family into our lives and to share in this child’s life together.

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