Meredith & Elliott



We are Meredith and Elliott, thank you for reading our letter! We live in a southeast Portland Victorian nestled between two parks, with our black cat, Mulder, and his sidekick pup, Nimona. We met in art school in Los Angeles, where Meredith was studying photography and Elliott was pursuing interactive sculpture. Our department was pretty small, so we were friendly, but never really got to know each other—Elliott definitely noticed Meredith’s signature red lipstick, vintage style, and artistic prowess though! Meredith was drawn to Elliott’s thoughtful intelligence and warm smile, but let her shyness get the best of her! Flash forward to 2013, and Meredith had moved to Oakland, California, where Elliott was living. He reached out on social media, where they had stayed connected. The first date (tacos at a beer garden and Doctor Who) was a few days later, and we both knew it was something special. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

Elliott has worked in video games for nearly a decade, and was commuting up to a Portland office monthly, which allowed him to develop a close group of friends in the PNW. When the comic book publisher Meredith worked for proposed relocating from Berkeley to Portland, we jumped at the opportunity to make the transition!

Our life in Portland is full of fun, laughter, and good friends. Elliott has been part of the same Dungeons & Dragons group for ten years and recently developed an unnecessarily complex board game featuring the ghost of Butch Cassidy. Meredith’s passion for book publishing stems from her love of zines (self-published magazines), which has yielded a diverse community of friends across the country. We frequently travel, attend concerts, and generally savor as many Portland cheese plates as possible, although Meredith is just as happy to be curled up at home with a crochet project and a book (or ten).

Meredith is an only child, while Elliott comes from a sprawling, non-traditional family. We have always known children were in our future and cannot wait to be parents, passing along our values of honesty, integrity, generosity, and overall passion for leaving the world better than we found it. Creative self-expression is an important part of our life that we hope to share with our children. The adventurous stories of Mulder and Nimona (one named after a sci-fi heartthrob and the other a comic book shapeshifter) are many, and certain to only get more interesting with the addition of a child!

Open adoption was a clear choice for us, as the various relationships in Elliott’s family add nothing but love for everyone involved—we hope to maintain a similarly close relationship with the birth family.

We hope this has helped get to know us and wish you all the best,
Meredith & Elliott

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