Melanie and Denise



We are Melanie (left) and Denise (right). Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about us.

Our story began in the summer of 2017 when we met at a local brewery on the beach in Seattle. We instantly bonded over our shared half-Korean heritage and our mutual love of travel and adventure. Less than two years later we got married, and we have been happily living in Seattle with our sweet and sassy rescue pup Podo ever since.

Although we share many values and interests, we think it is our very different backgrounds that make us great partners, and hopefully one day great parents. Melanie grew up in New York City and has a lifelong love of reading, museums, and music. She is passionate about racial and economic equality, and outside of her work in technology she runs a small non-profit that provides scholarships to students in Namibia. Melanie loves art and has filled our home with everything from colorful street paintings to Buddhist drawings. Although living in Washington has made her slightly more outdoorsy (she recently decided she officially enjoys kayaking), on weekends you can typically find her dancing around the house to her latest playlist or meeting friends for coffee and conversation. Her friends would describe her as sincere, supportive, empathetic, and adventurous.

Denise was raised in a very small town in Kansas (she grew up on a literal dirt road), but has lived all over the world as a result of her time in the Army. She is by far the more outgoing of the two of us and would best be described as generous, loyal, dependable, open, and caring. She loves sports and stays very active through cycling and home improvement projects. Melanie is extremely grateful that Denise is the rare person who genuinely enjoys mowing the lawn! One of her hobbies is woodworking and she recently built us several pieces of custom furniture. Denise has worked in marketing for the past seven years and in her free time she enjoys exploring new restaurants and volunteering with a local animal rescue.

We have a strong community of family and close friends nearby who fill our lives with joy. Melanie’s parents live just outside Seattle and are extremely excited to spoil their future grandchild. Both of us love to host and our house has become the place where our extended families spend the holidays and special occasions—everything from Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl. We live in a modern two-story house with a small yard on a quiet street in a racially diverse and family-friendly part of the city. We enjoy spending our time and energy making our home comfortable and welcoming.

Both of us come from very close-knit families and we have always known that we wanted to grow our family through adoption. Open adoption fits with the way we live our lives. Our relationships are built on open, honest communication. We value inclusivity and authentic connection in all our relationships. We believe that children need a community of people to love and support them in many ways: to realize their full potential, to develop empathy and compassion for others, and to learn to express themselves authentically. We want our child to grow up with the opportunity of having a meaningful, ongoing relationship and connection with their birth family. Our primary goal as parents is for our child to feel unconditionally loved, supported, and safe, no matter what.

Thank you again for taking some time to read our letter.

Melanie and Denise