Meghan and Ricardo


Greetings from the Pacific Northwest! We are Ricardo, Meghan and Tilly, our sweet golden doodle puppy. We live in Portland, Oregon. We hope this glimpse into our lives will help you get to know us better.

It was our love of nature that brought us to together in 2011 on a snowshoe trip. We became hiking buddies and then married in 2013. Meghan appreciates Ricardo’s calm demeanor and his commitment to working through conflicts. Ricardo loves Meghan’s playful personality and knows that when things get complicated, she can offer solutions when asked. We are beautifully flawed, yet we are fully seen, heard and understood by one another. Our perspective on parenting is shaped by who we are as people.

Ricardo enjoys the simple pleasures of life. These pleasures include playing with Tilly at the dog park, shooting hoops, swimming and quiet walks in the forest. Meghan finds joy with projects around the house and digging in the garden, drinking Earl Grey tea, and walking up steep hills; the kind that make you know you are alive (and make your calves burn!) Meghan also loves snuggling with Tilly in bed just before the sun rises. We enjoy spending time with one another, especially outdoors, yet we support each other in doing things that nourish us individually.

We came to adoption after our daughter was born sleeping in 2017. We have worked through our grief, yet we also know that grief is a part of a healthy adoption. We love and miss our daughter, and are open about our loss, because we believe transparency encourages an open adoptive relationship with you. We envision building a relationship with you upon trust, collaboration, humility, and hopefully, much joy and laughter. We want to hear your hopes and dreams, will do the best we can to share our vision together, and will encourage a child-centered adoption by respecting your unique role in our child’s life.

If we are fortunate enough to parent, we envision all of us coming together to accomplish what we cannot do alone. We know we cannot raise our child alone. We know that surrounding ourselves with family, friends, our community, and with you, is what will help our child establish a strong sense of self. We believe an open adoption is key for our child to develop a positive self-image by knowing their culture and background, but more importantly, to have a relationship with their birthparents and extended family.

We offer a home full of love, joy, understanding and continual growth. We want our child to explore their surroundings with open eyes and an open heart, not to mention dirty hands for mud pies and puddle jumping feet. We want to teach our child to be compassionate to others, to tread lightly on the Earth, to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. We want to learn and grow as a family. We seek to see the world from our child’s view, full of wonder, and to offer connection with the rich diversity all around us. We want to listen to our child and allow them the room to grow, to adapt and to select their own path. We are partners, with you, in this unexpected and life-changing journey.

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