Meghan and Ricardo


Hello! We are Meghan and Ricardo. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us.

Our story began in March 2011 on a snowshoeing trip in Oregon where we live. We belonged to the same hiking group and after the snowshoe trip we became fast friends. It wasn’t until November of that same year when Meghan realized she cared deeply for Ricardo and took a risk in sharing this with him. Ricardo felt the same and the rest is history. We were married in 2013 surrounded by family and friends.

Neither of us are actually from Oregon. Ricardo grew up in Maryland where his parents still live. He is half Cuban on his father’s side and has fond childhood memories of family gatherings with Cuban food and music. Meghan’s father was a lawyer in the Army, so her family moved across the country several times from Virginia to Washington to Georgia and then overseas to South Korea, before returning to Washington where her family still lives. We are close to all of our family including 6 nieces and nephews on Meghan’s side of the family. They bring us so much joy and laughter. They are looking forward to a new cousin to love.

Besides spending time with family, we enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, exploring our city, and daily walks around our neighborhood. We love to be silly and have fun around the house, whether playing a game or breaking out in an impromptu dance party in our living room. We are excited to share our fun family activities with our child. We believe in sharing household duties and making meal time a daily priority to connect.

We have wanted to be parents ever since we got together. Just after we married, Ricardo went back to school to switch careers. We made the decision to delay starting our family so we could continue to grow as a couple and financially be in a place to support a family. Ricardo graduated school in 2017 and we were pregnant immediately. At 26 weeks our daughter was born sleeping. Through much healing, emotionally and physically, we decided that getting pregnant again was not our path; we made the decision to adopt.

We look forward to experiencing the joys and challenges of parenting. We are excited to learn, make mistakes and evolve as a family. We seek to see the world from our child’s view, full of wonder, and to offer connection with the rich diversity this world has to offer. We want to teach our child to be compassionate to others, tread lightly on the Earth, to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. We want to listen to our child and allow them the room to grow, adapt and select their own path through the world.

Allowing our child room to grow will help our child create a positive self-identity. We believe an open adoption is key for our child to develop this self-image by knowing their heritage and background, but more importantly, to have a relationship with birthparents and extended family. We enjoy having a diverse group of family and friends and look forward to welcoming birthparents and extended family into our community and us into theirs.

With gratitude,
Meghan & Ricardo

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