Megan and Talina



We are Megan, Talina, and Archer. We live on a small farm in Western Oregon where we spend our time growing food, raising animals (goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens, cats, and bees!), and enjoying the fun of being outdoors. We always have extra room at our table, more books than we have shelves for, and plenty of projects. We love to work together at home, and to go on road trips full of hiking, camping, and exploration.

Megan and Talina met online in 2004 and, after years of correspondence, started dating in 2006. We lived together in Seattle before moving to Oregon, so that Talina could attend graduate school and Megan could settle back in her home state. We’ve ‘married’ 5 times to keep up with changing laws, but the one with cake and wedding dresses was in 2009.

Megan is a native Oregonian and loves this area. While she has lived in big cities all over the country, she always knew she would come back to Oregon. She was born on her family’s farm and raised in a small town nearby. In 2011, we realized her dream of buying her own land and building a family on it. Megan works in project management and has a passion for community organization and community building. She has a degree in Anthropology, loves to read books, and is constantly building upon a massive music collection. Around the farm Megan likes to tend to the goats, plant and care for the garden, and run the equipment.

Talina grew up in Arizona but moved to Seattle shortly after high school. Raised in the city, she and her family regularly spent time camping and hiking. Talina works as a Physical Therapist and teaches at a local university. She is passionate about studying movement and the human body, and enjoys reading, dancing, and all kinds of exercise. In her spare time, she likes to try to teach herself to play the cello, banjo, and bones. Around the farm, Talina likes to mow fence lines, chop wood, and do building projects.

Archer was born in 2013. He spends his days in Montessori school and hanging out with his grandmother, who is very involved in his life. He has a lot of family involvement, including a good relationship with his donor, his uncle. Archer can tell you all about construction equipment, fort building, and how to take care of baby animals. Around the farm, Archer likes to dig in the dirt, and loves helping with projects in the kitchen or around the farm. He is very excited about being an older sibling.

We have wanted to grow our family for many years, and one of the many life goals Megan and Talina shared when they first met was the desire to adopt. We both grew up with lots of people in our lives and we have crafted our life to keep it that way. Holidays and monthly gatherings happen at our house, around a table that expands and a wood stove that keeps us warm all winter.

When we decided to choose a new last name for our family, we picked the name of a bird genus, in part because a genus is made up of many families. That is what we want our family to represent, and this is how we see our family growing through open adoption. We look forward not only to another child, but to our child’s birth family also joining the ‘genus’.

With love and well wishes ~ Megan, Talina, and Archer

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