Matt and Meredith


Greetings from Matt, Meredith, and Cameron! We are very excited to embark on our journey of open adoption and look forward to continuing our family adventure.

In March of 2016, we adopted Cameron through open adoption when he was three weeks old. We enjoy being parents and will love our children unconditionally. Since we are both in our thirties, we can offer our children lots of energy, a loving and nurturing environment, and stability as they grow up. In particular, we look forward to reading them bedtime stories and encouraging their hopes and dreams. We will share our values of being respectful to others and appreciating all cultures.

We love to travel and be around friends and family. Our caring families live nearby and will excitedly welcome our next child into their lives, as they did with Cameron. We often go on local adventures (like exploring nearby towns), take walks around our neighborhood, kayak, and work on projects around the house. We also like to try new restaurants and play board games.

We met in the fall of 2006 at Seattle University in an outdoor leadership class and felt an immediate connection. Our first “official” date took place in December 2006 at a piano lounge. As a couple, we love to laugh, have fun, and enjoy life together.

We got married in the summer of 2012; our family and friends said they could feel the overwhelming sense of love between us. The two of us share a strong bond and approach life’s joys and challenges as a team. In 2013, we accomplished our dream of buying our first house. Our home is warm, welcoming, and comfortable. It is located in a suburban neighborhood near Seattle with beautiful natural surroundings. We’re in a great school district and live near several playgrounds, pools, and many other family friendly activities.

Meredith describes Matt as a very involved father, who is easy going, funny, and hard-working. He is happiest when playing with our son Cameron and also enjoys being around animals, working out at the gym, going to movies, watching comedy shows and sports…go Hawks! Matt works as a project manager at an aerospace company. He is originally from New York and moved to Washington as a teenager. He still misses his extended family in New York, as well as the famous New York bagels, pizza, and the Yankees.

Matt describes Meredith as a loving mom who is kind, determined, and giving. She’s worked as an accountant at several large companies and is currently a stay-at-home mom to make parenting a top priority. Meredith delights in teaching Cameron new things. He is a smart, active, playful little boy and will make a great big brother due to his gentle and helpful nature. Cameron loves playtime at Gymboree, playing with playdough, and working on puzzles.

Meredith has lived in Washington her whole life. Some things that give her joy are singing, planning local road trips, watching romantic comedies, and decorating the house for holidays. She also likes trying out new recipes, which Matt and Cameron are always more than excited to taste. At her family gatherings, everyone brings a dish to share and one of Meredith’s recent experiments was sweet potatoes with marshmallows, which turned out to be a favorite!

Open adoption appeals to us because honesty is essential to the trusting relationship we hope to build with our children and their birth parents. Considering that family is a key part of a person’s identity, we hope our children will have the opportunity to be truly connected with their birth families as they grow up, and we look forward to fostering a loving relationship together. Ultimately, we would be honored to be chosen as adoptive parents and our children’s birth families will be warmly welcomed into our home and always considered important members of our extended family.

Warmest regards,
Matt and Meredith

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