Matt and Katie


Hello from Matt, Katie, and our sweet dog Falco!

Our story began in 2004, when we both moved to Seattle and found jobs at the same architecture firm. We quickly became best friends, and it didn’t take long for that to grow into something more. Katie was drawn to Matt’s warm, easy-going nature and sense of humor, while Matt loved that Katie shared his interests in architecture, sports, delicious food, and exploring the Northwest. Matt was also thankful to have found someone to laugh at his bad jokes! We got married in 2010 in Seattle and were lucky that so many of our family and friends were able to celebrate with us in this place we love.

Katie: I grew up in Ohio and Michigan, and also lived in South Carolina where I went to college. My parents and brother’s family still live in Michigan, and my sister lives in California. I loved playing soccer and other sports while growing up, but these days it’s mostly yoga, running, and hiking for me. I also fell in love with woodworking during college and have set up a small wood shop in our garage. It’s nice to have a creative outlet that’s different than the buildings that I design at work.

Matt: I grew up in Oklahoma, where my parents, brother, and extended family still live. Now that I’m a full-blown adult, I spend my working hours managing real estate development projects in and around Seattle. On weekends if I’m not hiking with Katie and Falco, working in our yard or around the house, you might find me at the golf course where I volunteer as a coach for kids.

We brought home our puppy, named Falco, in 2013. We think he’s the best. We love going on hiking trips or neighborhood walks with him, but he’s just as much fun to cuddle with on the couch. Falco is very sweet and always seems to know how to cheer us up if we’ve had a tough day.

We enjoy our jobs, but balance that in our day-to-day lives with fun and relaxed activities. We live in a great neighborhood, with a beautiful park, community center, and schools just a block or two away. We love that we can walk to grocery stores and restaurants and are just a few minutes from the Puget Sound. In the summer, we’ll take our paddleboards out to enjoy the views of the city and mountains, and in the winter, we’ll bundle up and go for long walks along the beach. We have great friends in the neighborhood with kids, and we think it would be a great place for anyone to grow up.

We learned years ago that we would not be able to have a biological child. Later, when we decided to explore other ways to grow our family, open adoption felt like the right fit for us. We believe every child should have the opportunity to understand and embrace their full identity. An open adoption would give us the opportunity to parent and support the birth family in having a meaningful connection with their child. We are excited to explore the ways that openness can be a great thing for everyone involved. In addition to providing a healthy and loving environment for our child, it is our hope that we can expose them to all the great opportunities we each had, like traveling and learning about different cultures, spending time in nature, and finding their passion in life. We’re grateful you’ve spent some time learning about our story.

With love, Matt and Katie

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