Matt and Eleanor


Hi there! We’re Matt & Eleanor and we live in a vibrant, diverse and peaceful neighborhood on the south side of Seattle. We met in 2013 and we pretty quickly realized we were each other’s person. Matt loves that Eleanor is creative and passionate and she inspires him to go after his dreams. Eleanor loves that Matt is kind, thoughtful and one of the most accepting people she’s ever met. He can make friends and find common ground with anyone!

We share our home with three dogs that we think are pretty awesome. Manny is an exuberant and goofy labradoodle who we imagine will be our child’s best friend. Ruckus is Eleanor’s first dog and a rescue – he’s 16 years old, a terrier mix, and has been with Eleanor through most of her adult life. Albert is also a rescue and is some sort of weird scruffy terrier mix. He’s a “delicate flower” – doesn’t like the rain or cold, and basically just wants to snuggle all day. He loves being read to, and has been very helpful to kids who are learning to read!

As well as our dogs, we also have quite the “urban homestead” going on at our house. Eleanor maintains a 1000+ square foot garden where she grows tons of flowers that she uses in her floral designs (more on that later) along with tons of vegetables. We’ve got a freezer in our basement that’s packed with sauce, salsa, and all kinds of frozen meals made from things we’ve grown in the garden. We also have six chickens (Pig, Hippo, Cat, Badger, Penguin and Moose) and they give us tons of eggs along with lots of entertainment. There’s nothing funnier than a chicken jumping.

We are both business owners: Matt owns a restaurant and Eleanor is a wedding and event florist. Being our own boss is something we both love – it allows us to be creative on a regular basis, and gives us freedom to plan our schedule however we need. We love our work and know how lucky we are that they don’t feel like “jobs” to us.

Here are the things that are important to us when it comes to dreaming about our family. We believe in compassion and kindness and will instill these values in our kids. We also know the importance of trusting your gut and making bold moves – we want our kids to feel brave enough to make mistakes. Everyone makes them – the key is what you learn from them! We imagine having lots of traveling adventures, lots of playing in the garden and getting our hands and feet dirty together, lots of play dates with our friends kids, and tons of dog kisses. We live our lives with joy and can’t wait to bring a child into that.

Creating space in our lives for our child’s birth family through an open adoption feels very important to us, and we want that relationship for our child. We can imagine spending time together on picnics, park visits, at family dinners or whatever else we decide on together. We’re excited about what that can mean for all of us and how big and full of love our child’s world can be.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We wish you support and peace through this journey.
~ Eleanor & Matt

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