Marina and Matt


Hello, we are Matt and Marina. We live in Washington State with our sweet miniature schnauzers, Cali, and Hana. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us.

You know the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”? It really does.  We will be celebrating our eighteenth wedding anniversary this year. We’re the couple who has fun regardless of what we’re doing. We can be cleaning the gutters or pulling weeds in the garden and still be cracking up, reciting lines from some of our favorite movies and TV shows such as Young Frankenstein, Robin Hood Men in Tights, or Cougar Town.  We share many fun adventures together, including traveling, visiting farmers’ markets, zoos, aquariums and going to concerts. Some of our favorites have been 2Cellos, Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and The Black Eyed Peas. In our day to day lives, we also enjoy the simple things like taking walks, bike riding, day hikes, snuggling with Cali and Hana and our favorite things to do: going out for coffee or fro-yo!

We live on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula where life is both adventurous and peaceful. Our home is in a rural setting surrounded by nature and gorgeous mountains. We are ten minutes from parks, bike trails, the ocean, an animal wildlife park, shopping, and friends and family.

What Marina says about Matt: Matt is sweet, affectionate, compassionate, and honest and most importantly my best friend. My favorite part of the day is coming home to Matt, Cali and Hana. I cannot wait until the time when I can walk in the door and see Matt sitting on the floor playing with Legos, cars, Barbies or painting with our child. He will make an amazing dad because he is so calm, patient and loving. Life with Matt as a father will be filled with lots of outdoor play time, hugs, and a dad you can talk to about anything.

What Matt says about Marina: Marina is beautiful, outgoing, kind and energetic.  She keeps our lives from being dull with her energy and humor. I am spoiled because Marina is also a fantastic cook. I love how driven and supportive Marina is, and I know she will always make our child a priority. Life with her as a mom will be filled with bedtime stories, kisses and hugs, goofy made up songs (in a fake British accent), lunch box notes and homemade treats.

Marina has worked in public relations for the same organization for over ten years, helping individuals and families with limited incomes find funding to cover their bills. Matt is a self-employed landscaper who really has an eye for the craft and loves being outdoors. Over the years, his customers have become an extended family to us, and he truly loves his job. When we become parents, Matt will stay home and care for our child, a change he will fully embrace!

Open adoption is important to us because it honors and acknowledges a child’s relationship with their biological family; it replaces the unknown with honesty. It will open the door for our child to grow up knowing both their adopted and birth families, and for them to witness our shared love and support for them.

Wishing you the best,

Matt and Marina