Marcus and Alisa


Hi, we’re Marcus and Alisa!

We are excited for the opportunity to become parents through open adoption. We met online in 2012 and have been inseparable ever since. We’re a playful couple who laugh a lot together. We love road trips, cooking and BBQing for loved ones, music concerts, and sports [Alisa asks if mini-golf counts]. We believe in the importance of kindness and – even more so in today’s world – see it as necessary. We view life as an adventure, which we approach with curiosity, flexibility, and a village of family and friends. We live in a multi-generational home with Alisa’s parents on 5 acres in the greater Seattle area. It’s a tradition we have chosen to continue because it creates more opportunities to have quality time together, with more family around to give hugs, read stories, and kiss our child’s boo-boos. It’s important to mention our two adorable Shih-Tzus, Niki and Zoey, whom we love so much, and they are not spoiled at all. *wink-wink*

Alisa is a Registered Nurse who works with children. She is spirited, kind, imaginative, and opens her heart quickly to people. Caring for others is very important to her, which is why she became a nurse. Delivering home-cooked meals is one way she frequently takes care of loved ones. Alisa’s grandma (a 4’6” hug machine!) came to live with her family in Hawaii when Alisa was 2 years old and stayed throughout her childhood. Alisa would rush home after school to be met with grandma’s squishy hug, wide partly toothless smile, and the delicious smells of dinner. She loved living with grandma and is excited to share the experience of live-in grandparents with our child.

Marcus is the Director of Project Management Offices in a large educational organization. While his parents emigrated from Germany, he has lived in Washington State all his life. He’s naturally shy and reserved, but once he gets comfortable he is engaging and enjoys sharing a good laugh. Marcus is easy-going, thoughtful, hard-working, and the biggest dog lover you’ll ever meet. Crime-thriller books, military history documentaries, and YouTube physics videos are ways he likes to get his nerd on when he’s not golfing or cheering on the Seahawks. He’s traveled through Europe more than America, and looks forward to exploring more of our country on family road trips.

Through open adoption, we hope to have a genuine connection with our child’s birth family at whatever pace and level they are comfortable. We believe openness is powerful and important in nurturing wholeness and belonging for everyone, especially for a child. Thank you for taking time to let us introduce ourselves. Wherever your journey takes you, we wish you the very best.


Marcus & Alisa

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