Marc and Andrea


Hello! We are Marc and Andrea. We live in Oregon with Vivienne, our wonderful daughter who we adopted as a newborn through OA&FS in 2017. We met as AmeriCorps volunteers almost 15 years ago, and we have been married since 2009. As a family we love walking our sweet Yellow Labrador Alice in the park across the stress from our home, visiting the Oregon Coast, and cheering on our favorite sports teams.

Marc teaches 5th grade at a local elementary school. He has taught for 13 years and loves motivating his students’ curiosity about the world. He has an extensive list of hobbies including fly fishing, skiing, golfing, triathlons, scuba diving, and playing the drums, among others. Vivienne enjoys sharing outdoor adventures and rocking out with him in our basement.

Andrea works as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Part of her time is spent at a clinic that specializes in supporting adopted children and children in foster care. She is frequently humbled by the bravery and love displayed by the birth, foster, and adoptive parents she meets in this work. She loves fashion and travel. She is passionate about visiting new places and learning about new cultures. We look forward showing our children the world on these trips as they grow. We have enjoyed learning more about Vivienne’s Ukrainian and Columbian heritage, and we are excited to integrate the culture and traditions of a new birth family into our lives.

Vivienne is warm, funny, intelligent, and fearless. She attends a language immersion daycare and is precociously acquiring fluency in French and English. We have grown our relationship with Vivienne’s birth parents and value this connection immensely. They are loving and devoted figures in her life, and they have also become friends and family to us. Although we live far apart, we have prioritized visiting regularly. We recently met for a family vacation in Las Vegas.

We are fortunate to have many supportive and dedicated people in our lives. Children in our family will be showered with love and support from grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Andrea’s brother and his wife are also seeking to grow their family by adoption. Vivienne loves babies and will be an adoring and attentive big sister.

We choose open adoption because we believe that having a nurturing relationship with their birth family allows a child to have a more successful, secure, and fulfilling life. We want our child to know that his or her birth and adoptive parents chose this path together because of our shared love for them. We also know we will benefit from the knowledge and perspective of their birth family. Thank you for considering our family, and best wishes on your journey.

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