Lorien and Tom


Hi there!

We are Lorien & Tom. Our family consists of us plus our “fur kids” — two dogs & two cats — all cuddled up in our home in beautiful Washington State, nestled in the woods, but a short drive from the nearby city.

Our home is full of laughter, adventurous cooking, dog wrestling, kitty cuddling and lots of books, movies and all things geeky. We love to spend time with our extended family: Lorien’s family mostly lives near us in Washington State, and though Tom’s family is back east, we go on trips with them every year, especially for the holidays.

We’ve been together over nine years. When we met, Tom was taken by Lorien’s passion and dedication to making a difference in the world, her keen intelligence and boundless heart, and more than a little bit smitten with her flare for the goofy and fun. Lorien was stung by Tom’s incredibly generous and kind nature, his spirit of adventure, and was completely enamored with his ability to make everyone around him feel special.

We are lovers of nature: in the summer, you’ll often find us out on the trails, exploring the nooks and crannies of the Pacific Northwest, and in the winter, you’ll find us on the slopes, skiing our hearts out. We are goofy for the geeky: we love all things sci-fi and fantasy and weekend binge-watching of Harry Potter or Star Trek or the like is common. We are pet lovers: the company that Tom started and Lorien also works for is all about helping animals. We are learners: we love exploring new ideas and learning new skills. We are travelers: Tom has visited 32 countries and Lorien nearly every state — we cannot wait to explore the world with our child.

We value love, acceptance and kindness above all other virtues, and we hold sacred an individual’s need and right to live as they desire. From early on in our relationship, we shared an aspiration to build a family together on those values. We envision raising our child to be citizens of the world, caretakers of the earth and ambassadors of kindness. And even before it was clear that we would not be able to have our own biological children, adoption was always in our long-term plan.

When exploring the ways we could bring an adopted child into our family, we discovered open adoption and knew it was perfect for us. We greatly value open and loving communication in our relationships, and believe adoption should be no different. One description of open adoption that really touched us was that rather than a single “family tree,” a child of open adoption has a “family orchard,” trees that shelter each other, with connected roots to nurture the blossoming child.

As you are exploring families for your child, we hope you consider ours as a place that you, your child and your child’s extended family will be welcome to bloom and grow.

Warmest regards,
Tom & Lorien

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